Teammate Spotlight: Benedict Muli

This year marks Benedict Muli’s fifth anniversary at Sanergy as a Sales Associate.  Every day, he holds conversations with residents of Mukuru slum and encourages them to invest in Fresh Life Toilets. Why? “Mukuru has been my home for over a decade, and I want a better life for my family and all the other families in Mukuru,” he says.

Benedict who lives in Mukuru’s Diamond area knows all too well the consequences of poor sanitation. “When I moved to Mukuru in 2008, I had a hard time adjusting. There were very few toilets in this area, the existing ones were very dirty and poorly maintained. This caused a majority of the people to resort to flying toilets,” he recalls.

Benedict Muli

Besides his frustration with sanitation, he was also an unemployed young man, he had left his hometown in search of job opportunities. One day his uncle Anthony came to him with good news, Sanergy was opening an office in the neighborhood! Benedict made an application and hoped for the best.

As luck would have it, he was recruited and made in charge of Mukuru Kwa Ruben and Kayaba areas. “It was not very difficult to reach out to potential customers because most of them were my neighbours and friends.” he says. One of the skills Benedict had to acquire was excellent presentation skills. “Even though I am outgoing and I easily connect with people, I had to learn how to communicate Sanergy’s sanitation solution in a comprehensible manner,” he says. Mastering this skill, has been valuable to Benedict.  He has recruited over 200 new Fresh Life Operators into the network!

Benedict with a community member

Benedict finds fulfillment in every new Fresh Life Toilet launched in the community, and this is because he says it gets Sanergy closer to achieving its mission of providing safe and affordable sanitation to everyone forever. “I still remember launching Peter Okari’s Fresh Life Toilets in Kayaba. They were among the first in the area – following a series of cholera outbreaks due to open defecation and unsanitary pit latrines. Today, I am inspired by Peter’s story, his neighborhood is clean, and he even earns a stable income through his 4 Fresh Life Toilets.” Because of the strong bonds he has built with his customers, they are constantly referring their friends to him. “Most of the new Fresh Life customers are referrals from my existing network of customers,” he adds.

Working at Sanergy allows him to comfortably provide for his family, “I am glad that my children don’t have to grapple with a lack of sanitation like I did.” Benedict has set his sights high! He wants to become a  ‘Sales Manager’ – to this end, he plans to enroll in graduate school to pursue a course in sales and marketing.

Onward Benedict!

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