Happy Fresh Life Customers Make For Cleaner Communities

Our Fresh Life Operators are the biggest ambassadors of our work – out of every 10 new Fresh Life Toilets launched in the community, at least 3 of these are additional units by our existing customers. Similarly, out of every five new customers we acquire, at least three of them have been referred to us by our current network members.

The Customer Support team at Sanergy is charged with providing our Fresh Life Operators the very best of services. They are tasked with ensuring that all of the 1,102 Fresh Life Operators in our network running nearly 1,800 Fresh Life Toilets are well equipped to provide excellent services to the community. The team pays regular visits to their assigned Fresh Life Operators to ensure that the Fresh Life Toilets stay clean, safe and open. Keeping in constant touch with our customers also allows us to receive crucial feedback that helps us understand and unearth other products and services that they value.

The team after the training

When they are not visiting Fresh Life Operators, they are often on phone with them, doing follow ups or addressing any challenges that they face while running their Fresh Life businesses. This year, we have set our sights high, we want to scale and serve thousands more with safe sanitation while giving them unparalleled services. So, how well is the team equipped to accommodate new franchisees, and maintain the consistency of service delivery we offer our existing clientele?

Early this year, we played host to Elise Willer of Insight Collaborative to share her expertise on efficient communication, problem solving and conflict resolution in customer care. Ellie and her team have vast experience in training customer support teams to offer speedy customer-focused solutions. This was also an exciting opportunity for our teammates to enhance their skills.  The majority of them looked forward to learning about constructive negotiation as well as giving and receiving feedback. Here are the key insights from 2 of our teammates who participated in the training.

The team during the training

Alex Wekesa – “I leant how to engage Fresh Life Operators in effective conversations through the use of a technique known as ‘inquiry, knowledge and advocacy’­­­. This technique helps me to have difficult conversations such as lack of adherence to toilet cleanliness standards with our clients. I have learnt that understanding the root cause of the problem helps me develop appropriate resolutions with speed and in an objective manner.”

Felister Nyamoita shares the same sentiments, “This training taught me how to have productive conversations that lead to behavior change.  How to gently reinforce to my customers the importance of keeping their toilets clean and accessible to community members at all times. This helps them generate demand and earn a good income from the Fresh Life business. Great communication with the operators sparks a renewal of purpose and reminds them why they joined our network in the first place. I can now tactfully negotiate with Fresh Life Operators and work together to find innovative solutions that address their needs and concerns. I’m very glad I took part in the training,” she ends with a smile.

Happy customers make for cleaner slums. As of June 2018, Sanergy has a 97% customer retention rate, and a 95% problem resolution rate.   


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