Our Favorite Moments of 2017 – Team Sanergy Reflects!

This year has warranted much to celebrate. We rounded up a couple of our teammates and asked them to share with us their key highlights of the year.

Johnstone Musisi, Government Relations – “2017 was quite memorable for me! I got to work with two people who inspire me in my work:  the Director of Water and Sanitation and the Deputy Director of Public Health in Nairobi County. I met them along with other sanitation leaders in London at the World Health Organization’as sanitation safety-planning workshop where we exchanged learnings on best practices in ensuring sanitation safety for our staff and our customers.

Johnstone Musisi (Centre) with Nairobi County’s Mario Kainga (Right) Director of Water and Sanitation and Jairus Musumba (Left) Deputy Director of Public Health in London.

I gained a lot of new knowledge and also explored London for the first time. I also really look forward to 2018; it will be a very exciting one for me. I will be representing Sanergy as part of the County Integrated Development Plan 2018-2022. The objective of this is to ensure that Sanergy and other container-based solutions are well represented in the overall Nairobi county development plans.”

Mitchell Oguna, Policy and Advocacy – “I am very happy about the achievements we have had this year. Our team was among those selected to participate in the Technical Working Group that was developing Nairobi County’s “Shit Flow Diagram.” In addition, Sanergy’s model was incorporated into the national infrastructure standard and guidelines for the School WASH program. This means that more schools in the informal settlements can now install Fresh Life Toilets in their schools.

Sanergy’s model is also now recognized as a benchmark for measuring the country’s fecal sludge management progress in line with SDG 6.2 indicators. This is such a big deal for us as it sets us up for scale!”

Ruthie Rosenberg, Future Initiatives – “Over the past two years since the launch of Future Initiatives, we have piloted three new sanitation offerings: Pit to Fresh Life Toilet Conversion, Pit Servicing and an in-home toilet aimed at providing private sanitation to households.

Ruthie Rosenberg was voted as manager of the year, 2017 for exemplary performance throughout the year.

Out of these, our biggest accomplishment has been to transition the pit to Fresh Life Toilet conversion project into a second offering after the famous Fresh Life Toilet. Our customers have loved that we are able to help them access hygienic and safe sanitation by safely demolishing and removing waste from their pit latrine and in its place installing a Fresh Life Toilet. In fact, in some instances we have been able to install two Fresh Life Toilets in an area previously occupied by one pit latrine.

We have also gathered a lot of information throughout these pilots that has helped our stakeholders: the government, community, our sanitation entrepreneurs and us to improve access to sanitation in the urban informal settlements. In our pit-servicing project for instance, we learnt that safety and law enforcement were important factors for our stakeholders in waste management. In 2018, our team’s next big challenge will be to see how the different offerings complement each other within the communities we serve; we cannot wait to see the outcome of this!”

Kennedy Okwany Waste Processing Services – “Throughout 2017, our team has experienced fun and career growth in all aspects of our work. In January of this year, we mechanized our waste treatment and conversion processes and underwent intensive training on use and maintenance of the new equipment.  Also, we restructured how our team was organized in order to realize better work outputs. To this end, some teammates got promoted while others moved to new roles within the department. The outcome of this has been incredible! We have better team cohesion and teammates are more enthusiastic about their work. With a few weeks to go in 2017, we have successfully treated and converted over 500 tons of waste. All the while, we have had a lot of fun –we recently visited the coast for our team building via the new railway, a memorable moment for most of us!”

Nicholas Kogo, Sales, Fresh Life – “2017 has been my best year at Sanergy! I have worked on a project I am very passionate about – sales. I got a chance to interact with very many community residents most of whom are now our customers.

Nicholas Kogo (Front row – Right) with Fresh Life colleagues.

I have also had the opportunity to exchange learnings with my colleagues in the sales team which has made me a better sales person. My mantra has been, “Never put off until tomorrow what I can do today” in order to achieve the results I expect of myself.

This has really helped me keep my focus and also inspire my 9-person team into giving their best performance at work. Every new Fresh Life Toilet we have launched into the community this year has brought much fulfilment to me. This is because I know we are edging closer to putting an end to inadequate access to safe sanitation for urban residents.”

Rahab Wainanina, HR and Talent – “One of my biggest accomplishments this year has been helping teams align roles assigned to them with the skills each one possesses.

In addition, supporting leaders in the organization to mentor and motivate their teams to pursue their career goals. This has seen the teams work very hard to improve themselves: over ten teammates received promotions this year while the rest are now motivated to pursue their undergraduate and diploma courses.”

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