The Internship – A Sanergy Blockbuster

At Sanergy, we are able to meet our goals thanks to a team of individuals who possess not only technical expertise, but also a passion for and deep commitment to bringing hygienic sanitation to the slums. We found all of these attributes and more in the 7 student interns that we recently welcomed to the Sanergy family. Read on to learn what Anita, Brianna, Rishub, Waweru, Allison, Sale, and Kyle have done this summer to improve our day-to-day operations.

In addition to our fantastic interns, we also want to celebrate sponsors Colgate University, Columbia University, University of the Pacific, The World We Want Foundation, and Washington University in St. Louis.

Anita Jivani

Anita Jivani
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Degree: MBA, Yale School of Management
Summer Project: I am working with the Human Resources team to assess the current state of Human Capital activities and plan out the roadmap for key people-related priorities such as competency-based performance management, learning & development, organization design/structure and career progression.
Favorite Part: The opportunity to work in both the Mukuru and Kilimani offices has provided the unique lens through which I can better understand this rapidly-growing start-up from both a “frontline” and “behind the scenes” perspective, while staying close to people and communities impacted by our work.

Brianna Juhrend

Brianna Juhrend (University of the Pacific GCSE Bonn Fellow)
Hometown: Cameron Park, CA
Degree: University of Michigan, M.S. Environmental Engineering
Summer Project: I am assisting Sanergy Labs on relocation of Fresh Life Toilets (FLTs), conversion of pit latrines to FLTs, and reducing/recycling water at Sanergy’s Waste Management Center.
Favorite Part: After only two days, I was so proud to be a part of the Sanergy family! I am excited by the passion I see in the other team members and motivated by the visible positive impact Sanergy has in the communities.

Rishub Keelara

Rishub Keelara
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Degree: Washington University in St. Louis, Economics and Biology
Summer Project: I’m working with the Operations team to implement a durable and fast-moving consumer goods sales model, and on a project that will help our field officers more efficiently and effectively provide services to FLOs.
Favorite Part: The amazing social enterprise community! The people I have methere have been like a second family to me, and it’s great to see the energy and collaboration happening in Nairobi.

Waweru Kirumba

Waweru Kirumba
Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya
Degree: African Leadership Academy
Summer Project: I’m doing market research with the goal of providing better support to Sanergy’s sales agents and sales associates.
Favorite Part: At Sanergy I get to take something nobody wants to deal with (human waste) and turn it into something everyone would buy (fertilizer, biogas, etc). I’m technically a magician:)

Allison Lee

Allison Lee
Hometown: Washington D.C.
Degree: Columbia University, Master of International Affairs, Sustainable Energy Policy
Summer Project: I’m working on a large-scale biogas feasibility study. The study focuses on using sewage sludge and organic waste from different industries in Nairobi to generate electricity to sell to the grid.
Favorite Part: It’s exciting to have such a unique opportunity to work in renewable energy and development, especially given Kenya’s evolving energy sector. Nairobi is a dynamic place, and it’s great to be part of a creative team and see the Sanergy model in action.

Sale Rhodes

Sale Rhodes
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Degree: Colgate University, Environmental Science
Summer Project: I’m researching the rate of waste decomposition in Sanergy’s compost boxes and potential opportunities to convert waste to organic compost in less time. I’m also considering how we may be able to implement a water reclamation system at the Waste Management Center, to improve efficiency and sustainability.
Favorite Part: Sanergy is a compilation of so many moving pieces and there’re always a multitude of people around all working on different things. It’s been amazing to see how much consideration and effort goes into every detail and small step in Sanergy’s development. This makes my own projects seem significant and potentially impactful.

Kyle Schumacher

Kyle Schumacher
Hometown: Niceville, Florida
Degree: MBA Candidate at the McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin
Summer Project: I am working with Sanergy Labs and the Finance team on the implementation of cloud-based business systems to help Sanergy continue to scale.
Favorite Part: It’s been a blast to work in a start-up environment with a team who is brilliant and passionate about a noble vision. Plus, what business is sexier than Sanergy?

To read more in their own words, Kyle has written about his experiences.

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