Our Model


  • Fresh Life. Until we reach everyone
  • Fresh Life Toilets
  • Fresh Life Network
  • Fresh Life Users

Sanergy’s non-profit arm builds a network of sustainable, hygienic sanitation solutions to serve people living in urban slums. Quote: “I’ve improved my community while running a successful business!” -Esther Munyiva, Fresh Life Operator in Mukuru Kwa Reuben since 2012

Sanergy’s Fresh Life Toilets are high-quality, low-cost sanitation units. With a urine-diverting squat plate, they source-separate solid and liquid waste into two cartridges, making collection and conversion safe and easy. For the comfort and convenience of owners and users, Fresh Life Toilet amenities include a handwashing station with soap and water, a bin for feminine hygiene products, and other small luxuries.

How we serve the hardest-to-reach populations

Sanergy franchises cartridge-based sanitation units to create a Fresh Life network across Nairobi’s urban slums, offering a more affordable and effective alternative to sewers. Cities are responsible for only a portion of the cost because residents invest in their own sanitation solutions.


We offer a variety of support services to our Fresh Life Network members to ensure that they are generating local demand and offering quality services to Fresh Life Users. These include marketing & branding, training, access to financing, ongoing operational  support, and a daily waste collection service. We have three distribution models for our Fresh Life Toilets in the communities:

Fresh Life users live in Nairobi’s slums with limited sanitation options. Before the Fresh Life Network, they would either walk long distances, risking their safety to access public toilet blocks; pay 5 Kenyan Shillings (about $0.05 USD) or more to use a pit latrine; or use bags in their homes, disposing of them on pathways or in nearby rivers.