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Engineering solutions to optimize Black Soldier Fly production

Denis Ruto joined Sanergy’s Black Soldier Fly team earlier this year as part of the Sanergy Fellows Program. He has since transitioned to a full-time position. Below, he shares his experience working on Sanergy’s Black Soldier Fly project. Last year, Sanergy’s Godwin Ruto and a group of engineers came to Nairobi University to talk about opportunities at Sanergy. I found the session interesting for two reasons. First, because, as an environmental engineer focusing on water systems, I am passionate about sanitation; and […]

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What Happens When Pits Are full? – Introducing ‘Makao Bora’, Our Pilot Pit-Emptying Site

In Kenyan slums, pit latrines make up 80% of sanitation facilities. When these pit latrines fill up, digging a new pit is not an option; space is a luxury in the densely populated slums. Users are usually faced with the difficult task of having their pit emptied. Exhauster services are expensive to procure, and even when the owners of the latrines pay up, the trucks find it hard to negotiate the narrow pathways in the community. So, what happens then? Most […]

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The SFD – A New Way Of Visualizing Excreta Management In Nairobi City

Since May 2017, Sanergy has been working with the Ministry of Health, City County of Nairobi and the African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) in a mapping exercise to develop Nairobi’s first comprehensive ‘Shit Flow Diagram (SFD)’. The SFD is a toolkit developed by the World Bank and tested in over 50 cities to help visualize and understand how sanitation waste physically flows through the city from defecation to disposal or end-use. Nairobi’s Shift Flow Diagram shows that 60% […]

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