Developing Nextgen #Socent Leaders

The Sanergy Fellows Program provides professionals from around the globe with an opportunity to share their talent and skills to help tackle one of the greatest social challenges of our time: the provision of total hygienic sanitation for residents of informal settlements.

Since its inception in 2011, Sanergy has welcomed Fellows with a diverse array of professional backgrounds to assist our teams in tackling some of the most complex challenges within the organization. Fellows have made significant contributions to our operations, products, and services. For example, this summer, we welcomed Hannah Wilson a  2018 MBA/MPH candidate at Emory University who was working with the Future Initiatives team. Read her experience below.

*The original article appeared here on [email protected] newsletter. Authored by Peter, Wes, Brian and the [email protected] Team*

What specifically are you working on?

“In addition to Sanergy’s “flagship” product (a standalone container-based toilet, the Future Initiatives team is piloting an in-home toilet offering and pit latrine emptying services, to be able to reach more of the market with affordable sanitation. I am helping this team manage and analyze data on these new products.”

How does your work make an impact?

“The Future Initiatives team realized that we will never reach the whole community with just one type of toilet, because everyone has different circumstances and preferences. So, my work helps us understand community preferences through data we have collected, and helps us prioritize our work efforts for new products in pursuit of safe sanitation for 100% of the community we serve.”

What have you learned that will make you a better social impact leader?

“Training and capacity-building are key. You can’t do everything by yourself, so you need to make sure your team has the skills they need to succeed past your project. In this role with Sanergy I’ve learned to focus on transferring my knowledge and skills to my coworkers, which will allow my contributions in this 3-month internship to be much more permanent for the organization.”

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