Release of Lindsay Stradley’s TED Talk: “Why We Need To Talk Shit.”


Let’s Talk Shit. In a provocative TED talk delivered on the main stage at TEDWomen, Sanergy co-founder Lindsay Stradley makes a call to everyone: NGOs, private sector, government, and young change makers to prioritize shit. She advocates for everyone to foster innovation and embrace smart sanitation systems that are not only sustainable but those that accord dignity to residents living in urban slums.

Developing cities today are facing unprecedented growth. The UN-HABITAT estimates that by 2050, two thirds of the global population will be living in urban areas. These cities are not poised to accommodate this growth – they face a critical sanitation challenge that needs urgent redress.  4.1 billion people live in communities where waste is never treated because there is no infrastructure to effectively manage their waste. #ItsTimeToGiveAShit and build sustainable and cost-effective sanitation systems.

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