Hassan and his family are keeping it fresh

Hassan stands next to his Fresh Life Toilet

Hassan, a well-known entrepreneur, has his Fresh Life Toilet and home located in Eastlands’ Pumwani area. His businesses range from selling fish and coconut oil to running a garage. “I am a jack of all trades,” Hassan describes himself with a smile.

Hassan has a large family comprised of sixteen children. Being practicing Muslims, the family is required to observe Qadaa’ al- Haajah’, particular rules regarding personal hygiene when going to the toilet. The pit latrines in the neighborhood were dirty and it became difficult for the family to observe this practice. They resorted to using the toilets located in the mosque. “We found it very uncomfortable to use unhygienic pit latrines and, instead, opted to use the facilities provided by the mosque. It was not an ideal solution particularly at night as it was a 20-minute walk from our house.”

All of this has changed now as just behind his house stands a Fresh Life Toilet. It is in great condition; its floor is spotless and the walls brightly shine with the blue and yellow colors of Fresh Life. It is equipped with air freshener, clean towels and a unique handwashing stand, all neatly put together for his family to use.

The convenience that comes with the Fresh Life Toilet is another reason why Hassan loves the Fresh Life Toilet. “We are completely in charge of its cleanliness and maintenance. The team at Fresh Life makes it very easy for us through their regular and professional waste collection service.” One final benefit of in-home sanitation is that it promotes dignity and boosts safety, particularly among women and girls. One of his daughters, Khadija Hussman, offers a testament to this, “Hygiene in our household has moved to the next level! We are also much safer as we do not have to walk long distances at night to access a toilet.”

Hassan contends that he made a great decision to join the Fresh Life movement. Now his family has 24-hour access to safe, clean sanitation and they can now properly observe their religious practices in the privacy of their own home.

4.1 billion people still lack sustained access to a toilet. Sanergy is tackling the global sanitation crisis, one community at a time. As of October 2017, Fresh Life Toilets are used by over 55,000 residents every single day living in Nairobi’s informal settlements.

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