Celebrating 1,000 active Fresh Life Toilets in our network!

On March 29, we launched our 1,000th toilet, serving Mukuru Talent Academy in Mukuru Kwa Reuben! 2017 has been full of exciting milestones! We started off the year with our best January ever, launching 36 Fresh Life Toilets and in February, we had our best month ever, launching 45 Fresh Life Toilets!

Sanergy currently serves 11 areas in Nairobi’s informal settlements. Fresh Life Toilets are being used 50,000 times every single day across our network. This great achievement is as a result of improving the customer experience of our Fresh Life Operators and Fresh Life users. Everybody on the Sanergy team is also working hard to ensure that we deepen coverage by offering a variety of solutions to cater for the various needs of all residents in the communities we serve.

Lack of sanitation hinders the development of emerging cities and generates levels of pollution that compromises on liveability. By providing sustainable sanitation solutions, we believe we will be contributing towards a healthy and thriving city of Nairobi. Onward to the next 1,000 Fresh Life Toilets!

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