Girls at Allient Junior School no longer worry about privacy when accessing a toilet!

Using a customer-centered approach to design sanitation solutions for urban slums has always been a critical part of Sanergy’s operations. We constantly strive to develop products that are not only attractive to our target market but that also address sanitation challenges slum residents face.

Allient Junior Academy has been part of our network for two years and was motivated to install Fresh Life Toilets following their participation in Fresh Life’s WASH training program – a program designed to promote hygiene in schools.

Located in Mathare, Allient School was founded twelve years ago, with the motto “Determination knows no barriers. Because of this philosophy, Allient School has earned a reputation for offering quality education and life skills that are helping their students to perform well in school and even pursue higher education in a variety of fields of study.

Prior to joining the network, the school had two sewer-connected toilets, which served the school’s 400 students. However, this did not come without challenges; the toilets faced frequent blockages rendering them difficult and expensive to maintain.

Kennedy Mayodi, head teacher at Allient School in Mathare, installed two FLTs two years ago.

“It would cost us an average of 500 shillings to repair a blockage and 120 shillings to buy water for use in flushing the toilets whenever there was a shortage of water in this area,” says the head teacher Kennedy Mayodi, adding that he wanted to improve the situation but did not know how.

Participating in the frequent Fresh Life trainings provided a solution for Kennedy and his teachers. “We learnt invaluable lessons and tips on improving hygiene in our school and among our students,” he says.

Teachers began innovating “tippy-tap” hand washing stations for students and even created a health club in the school where students exchanged hygiene lessons with one another.

While they could see hygiene improving throughout the school community, one challenge remained: the unreliable toilets. Kennedy did not consider the option of installing Fresh Life Toilets as the school rents the property they occupy.

“During my interaction with the Fresh Life Team, I was delighted to learn that Fresh Life Toilets could be re-located if needed and that they do not occupy a large space.”

It was then that Kennedy decided to launch two Fresh Life Toilets designated for the girls in the school. “We gave our girls the first priority as the existing toilets did not provide much  privacy nor did they have a sanitary bin for the girls,” he reiterates. The male students still use the school’s existing flush toilets.

The female students at Allient love their Fresh Life Toilets!

So far, Kennedy is happy with his decision to join the Fresh Life movement! “We have significantly reduced congestion at our sewer-connected toilet facilities, which had been the major cause of blockage. Ultimately, our overall toilets maintenance cost is lower,” he says.

Moreover, at home, Kennedy’s students are sharing hygiene tips they learn with their parents and siblings, which has helped reduce the number of illness-related absences.

Kennedy and Fresh Life’s partnership has been fruitful thus far, and Kennedy is currently on the lookout for land on which to expand the school.

“With good sanitation, I envision an increase in student enrollment here at Allient School,” he concludes.

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