Paul Obara, a rising star at work and in his community

“When I first joined Sanergy, I was excited! It was an opportunity to elevate my career, and I would become part of a team I felt had great potential to bring a positive change in Mukuru. Therefore, I made a promise to myself that I would do my best to succeed in everything I was tasked to do,” said Paul Obara, who was voted Sanergy’s teammate of the quarter for the exemplary services he offers the entire team and guests visiting our offices. Paul is the receptionist in our Mukuru office, warmly welcoming visitors and providing the resources Sanergy teammates need to work efficiently and effectively.

Paul Obara has been a teammate at Sanergy since 2012.

In 2012, Paul and his family moved to Nairobi’s Mukuru Kwa Njenga in pursuit of a better life. He started out selling groundnuts, but his earnings were too meager to provide for his family and still pay school fees for his four young children. It was during this time that a friend told him of a new company looking to hire personnel. Paul, who is skilled in masonry, applied for the position and was accepted to join Sanergy. His first role was at Sanergy’s fabrication site where he worked for two years manufacturing and assembling Fresh Life Toilets.

Due to the aptitude and ingenuity he often displayed, Sanergy enrolled him at the National Industrial Training Authority in 2014 to further his masonry skills where he was awarded a level III certification. Through this training, Paul acquired mastery in the skills of brick laying, stone curving and concrete building. Being a seasoned mason, he frequently trained new teammates.

In 2016, Paul’s strong communication skills and hard work earned him a place on the talent team, where he has been ever since.

When asked what he likes about working at Sanergy, Paul replied, “Sanergy creates job opportunities for all, regardless of someone’s level of education. Moreover, since I was a child, I had dreams of working with a diverse workforce. Sanergy has helped me realize that dream. But most importantly, I’m able to provide for my family. That gives me joy.”

Co-Founders David Auerbach and Lindsay Stradley award Paul Obara the Teammate of the Quarter earlier this month.

Paul continued, “Sanergy has played an important role in improving the state of sanitation in the informal settlements, and I have seen that firsthand. The area where I reside was notorious for ‘flying toilets,’ but now that’s a thing of the past.” Having championed for environmental protection before, Paul was particularly suited for Sanergy. “I have been involved in environmental conservation efforts with Masaba Youth Group where I have been a member since I was a young man. We work with different NGOs including USAID and Habitat for Humanity Kenya.”

Paul is among the many teammates who have benefitted from Sanergy’s Learning and Development program. He has learned about critical health and safety practices and is a member of Sanergy’s Health and Safety Committee. Paul has also participated in the Values in Action Training Program where he learnt interpersonal skills that have helped him fulfill his duties.

He is thrilled about being named the teammate of the quarter: “It is my first time receiving this honor and gaining recognition and appreciation from my teammates.” And this accolade is a sign of good things to come: he highly values education and would like to advance his knowledge. “I had to leave secondary school before I could graduate, and I’d like to get my high school certificate within the next few years. I will then further my masonry skills, until I earn a diploma.”

Congratulations, Paul! We look forward to seeing what you do next!

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