Surprise visit from Priti Patel, UK Secretary of State for International Affairs

Co-Founder David Auerbach explains the Fresh Life Toilet’s unique squat plate to UK Secretary of State Priti Patel.

On Friday, October 21, we received an unexpected visit from Priti Patel, UK Secretary of State for International Affairs. She was accompanied by Nic Hailey, UK High Commissioner to Kenya, and Bob Collymore, CEO of Safaricom.

Co-Founder David Auerbach toured them around our Mukuru office and showed them how the Fresh Life Toilet works and what Fresh Life Operators receive when they join the network.

Secretary Patel (far left), High Commissioner Hailey (second from right) and Mr. Collymore (far right) meet with FLO Susan Wangari (second from left) to learn about her Fresh Life business.

They then met with Fresh Life Operator Susan Wangari, who discussed the changes Fresh Life had brought to the community, the impact that running a Fresh Life business had on her personally, and the role DFID had played in growing the Fresh Life network.

Secretary Patel, High Commissioner Hailey, and Mr. Collymore were impressed by the work we do and the changes we’ve effected in the communities we serve. We were delighted to host them, and we look forward to our continued partnership with DFID.

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