“Finally, I have a clean compound, thanks to my new Fresh Life Toilet!” – Joseph Musyoka’s story

Joseph Musyoka is one of our newest Fresh Life Operators in Mukuru Kwa Reuben, having joined the network two months ago. A savvy businessman, Joseph runs several businesses: a water-vending shop, rental units, and a retail shop. Together with his wife Stella and their two children, they have been residents of Kwa Reuben’s Bins area for twelve years.

He tells us why he is so excited to join the Fresh Life network.

Have you been a Fresh Life Toilet user before?

Yes, before I installed my own facility, my family and I used Fresh Life Toilets owned by Mary Mutiso..

Did you experience any sanitation challenges before putting up your Fresh Life Toilet?

Open defecation in our compound has been the biggest challenge, despite having toilets nearby. It was often difficult to send young children out to access them, especially at night. As such, the majority of children relieved themselves within the plot, making it difficult for us to maintain a clean compound.

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Joseph Musyoka in front of his brand new Fresh Life Toilet

How did you acquire a Fresh Life Toilet?

I had desired to put up a Fresh Life Toilet for a long time. However, I did not have enough space in my compound to put up the facility until one of my tenants relocated. I then approached a Fresh Life sales associate, Victor Kitavi, who helped me acquire one facility for my family and tenants.

What is the one thing you love most about Fresh Life Toilets?

I have always loved that I could access toilet paper at the Fresh Life Toilet anytime I visited one.

In addition, I love that Fresh Life Toilets are always clean. I was curious how Fresh Life Operators maintained these hygiene standards. Being in the network, I now understand that it is made possible through continuous training and support given to each operator.. The field officer assigned to me, Nashon Omusula, visits me frequently to ensure I have all the support I need.

What have learnt from running a Fresh Life that has helped you run your other businesses?

I have learnt that listening to my customers is important for good customer care. It ensures I have a good rapport with all customers in my various businesses and I am able to meet their needs.

Has installing your Fresh Life Toilet had any impact to you and your tenants so far?

Yes, we now have a clean compound! Having a toilet has put an end to open defecation as all tenants have access to a toilet at all times. I have also opened the facility to my neighbors at a fee of 5 shillings for adults and 2 shillings for children per use. This money helps support the upkeep of the toilet.

What are your entrepreneurial dreams in the near future?

I am hoping to build additional rental units to serve more residents in my area. I look forward to working with Fresh Life to put up toilet facilities for my potential tenants.

June 5 is World Environment Day, where we celebrate our partnership with Fresh Life Operators in ending pollution as a result of open defecation and untreated fecal sludge, a pressing challenge in cities. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to celebrate and #gowildforlife.

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