The difference a toilet makes

Just how much of a difference does a toilet make? In the past four years, our network of Fresh Life Operators has grown to 320, with our toilets used up to 31,500 times each day by the residents of Nairobi’s informal settlements. In talking to community members, we hear great stories about the impact of Fresh Life in the communities we serve. Here are a few of our favorites:

David Ngunga – Assistant Chief, Makongeni area

Assistant chief - Makongeni

“Fresh Life Toilets have helped improve cleanliness and hygiene standards among the residents of Makongeni. Through the promotion of practices such as hand washing and proper use of a toilet at all times, open defecation has significantly reduced and communities are living healthier lives.”

Agnes Nduta – Fresh Life Owner, Mukuru Kayaba

Agnes Nduta

“As a rights activist in Kayaba, I am pleased that our residents have access to a sustainable and sanitary toilet model with consistent and professional waste collection. This ensures the safety of our customers, who have come to prefer Fresh Life over other sanitation options in the area.”

John Ndung’u – Fresh Life Owner, Majengo

John Ndung'u

“The Fresh Life business has created a job opportunity for my wife Doreen, who was out of employment for a long time. Every day she earns up to four hundred shillings in profit, which supplements earnings from my water vending business. She now helps cater for our household needs.”

Mary Kwamboka – Fresh Life Owner, Viwandani

Mary Kwamboka

“Managing my Fresh Life Toilets has helped me learn critical business skills such as great customer service. This helps me to attract and retain my customers. My other businesses are also thriving thanks to the training I received from the Fresh Life team.”

Naomi Mwongeli – Fresh Life Owner, Viwandani

Naomi Mwongeli

“Since putting up my two Fresh Life Toilets, residents in my neighborhood are happy. Their households, and particularly their children, have access to toilets – even at night. I open my toilets at 4:30am and close down at 11:00pm, giving everyone access to the facilities whenever they need it. We no longer have to travel long distances just to access a toilet.”

Salim Aziz – Fresh Life Owner, Bama Market

Salim Aziz

“Before Fresh Life Toilets, business people in Bama Market were suffering; we had a few public toilets, which were often shut down due to clogging and lack of water. Often, people would hide away and use polythene bags to relieve themselves, while others simply avoided taking fluids for fear that they would need to use a toilet afterwards. Fresh Life Toilets have solved this big challenge for us and also provided us an opportunity to supplement our incomes. Since 2014, I serve at least two hundred customers every day at my two Fresh Life Toilets. This is a rewarding business opportunity for me!”

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