France honors Sanergy for innovation in waste conversion

We are thrilled and honored to have received the France Partners with the South award aimed at supporting social businesses and rewarding social innovation in Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America.

The award recognized Sanergy for innovation in waste management: converting organic waste – both toilet waste and kitchen waste – to insect-based protein for animal feed.

Our project, which we launched 18 months ago, feeds waste to Black Soldier Fly Larvae to create a high-protein, nutrient-rich additive for animal feeds.

Emma Bertrand, from Sanergy’s business development and partnerships team, met President François Hollande and attended a one-week training in France last November, before receiving the award.

Last month, His Excellency Rémi Maréchaux, Ambassador of France to Kenya, hosted the Sanergy team for a reception and award presentation at his home here in Nairobi.

Sanergy award
Sanergy’s Emma Bertrand (center) and David Auerbach (left) received the award from H.E. Rémi Maréchaux (right), Ambassador of France to Kenya.

Upon receiving the award, Sanergy co-founder David Auerbach said, “Thanks to France Partners with the South and the recognition we received during the process, our insect-based animal feed project has gained tremendous momentum, and we have been able to scale up our production.

“This puts us, and Kenya, at the forefront of a major global innovation: insects for animal feed. Faced with a variety of challenges — including water shortages, climate change, and dwindling resources — the livestock industry is looking for ways to ensure its sustainability while minimizing its environmental impact. Using insects for animal feed addresses these concerns.”

To the French Government we say, merci! This award is welcome recognition of the hard work and innovative spirit of the Sanergy family.

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