Teammate Enoch Mogoi celebrates four years at Sanergy!

Enoch Mogoi has been part of the Sanergy team since we began our operations in 2011. Working as a member of the waste collection and processing teams, he has contributed to cleaning up Mukuru, his home for over five years. Recently, he shared with us his experiences during his four years of working at Sanergy.

How did you learn about Sanergy?

I was designing soapstone sculptures when I met Sanergy HR Officer Rahab Wainaina in 2011. I gave her my resume in case an opportunity arose. She called me two weeks later, and I was offered a job in the logistics department

Describe your first days of work at Sanergy.

Fresh Life Toilets were a new offering for my community, and it was the first time I had done this type of work. We were often the centre of attention among residents, who were amazed at our waste collection process. It was odorless and hygienic compared to the unsanitary option of using buckets to empty the waste from pit latrines into the environment.

Today you are in the processing department. What inspired your transition?

Dedication to my work and a learning spirit played a key role in my transition. Having worked as logistics personnel for one year, I had learnt a lot about the waste collection process, and I felt ready to embrace a new challenge. Lucky for me, an opportunity presented itself and I clinched it.

From left Maurice Kemboi, Enoch Mogoi and Eric Masung'
Enoch (center) with his processing colleagues Maurice Kemboi (left) and Eric Masung’ (right)

Describe a typical day for you.

Our work often begins when the Sanergy truck brings all the collected waste to the central processing site at around midday. My team and I are in charge of transferring this waste into composting boxes and dressing the waste with other materials such as saw dust and rice husks to enable decomposition. Once this is complete, we then clean the waste cartridges and build up new composting boxes.

Our team also monitors the progress of the composting waste and assists in the transfer of the compost manure to the windrows for further composting.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I spend time with my family; I am married, and I have three children.

32. Enoch with his wife Josephine
Enoch with his wife Josephine

You have been at Sanergy for four years. How has Sanergy changed in that time?

The Sanergy family has really grown! From about ten employees to over two hundred, most of whom are my community members from Mukuru. Generally, the informal settlements have become cleaner, and there are hardly any flying toilets in Mukuru Kwa Reuben. Residents who own Fresh Life Toilets have a stable source of income that helps them take better care of their families.

What accomplishment are you most proud of during your time at Sanergy?

My biggest achievement at Sanergy has been rising up the ranks in the processing department to the level of supervisor. Along the way, I have learned how to effectively manage my team of six members.

In addition, having a steady income has helped me improve my personal life greatly. I am able to save money and give my children more opportunities.

What are your aspirations in the near future?

I hope to develop more skills in preparation for the next level in my career. I am currently pursuing a driving course.

As for my family, I am working hard to ensure that my children get a good education.; I would like to see my children prosper.

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