Fresh Life in the Workplace: Offering Hygienic Sanitation to Employees

In our efforts to reach maximum coverage in the areas we serve, we are delighted to find new ways to offer hygienic sanitation to community residents. We now have three robust distribution models for our services: commercial toilets, plot toilets, and community institution toilets. While most of the community institutions we’ve worked with are schools providing Fresh Life Toilets to their students and teachers, we also partner with businesses to offer their staff and patrons a superior sanitation solution. Since 2014, VeeVee Construction Company has relied on Fresh Life for an easy and clean sanitation experience.

Founded in 2006, VeeVee Construction has grown rapidly, which senior supervisor Patrick Blueman has witnessed firsthand: “I began with fewer than ten construction workers; today I supervise an average of 35 casual laborers every day,” he says.

The employees of VeeVee Construction now enjoy hygienic sanitation at their work sites!

In keeping with National Construction Authority regulations, VeeVee Construction has been assiduous about providing proper facilities and equipment for its workers. Since their inception, they have been committed to providing adequate sanitation solutions for their staff. However, maintaining clean toilets and hiring exhauster services to regularly remove the waste proved to be a challenge – and quite expensive. The difficulties of removing the waste were an ongoing source of conflict between the National Construction Authority and VeeVee Construction.

In addition, as with other construction companies, VeeVee’s team frequently moves from site to site, which poses another difficulty for waste management. “Burying off pit latrines at every site is environmentally hazardous, so we were looking for a more convenient and environmentally friendly option,” says Patrick.

In 2014, one of their employees, Kevin Wariaro, first told them about Fresh Life Toilets. At work, Kevin’s tasks included the maintenance of staff toilets. “Ensuring that workers had a clean toilet to use was difficult, given the state of pit latrines,” he says. Moreover, he knew that the pit latrines exposed his colleagues to hygiene-related illnesses.

Kevin first leaned about Fresh Life Toilets two years ago when he moved to Mukuru Kwa Reuben. “Since coming to Nairobi, I have not experienced poor sanitation. At our plot we always have access to a Fresh Life Toilet,” he says.

Kevin’s enthusiasm helped him convince his bosses, Patrick and Ben Ram, to try out the new facility. After a discussion with the Fresh Life sales team, the first of three Fresh Life Toilets was installed at their Kenya Railways construction site. “Our Director Ben was very impressed by the Fresh Life Toilets. We no longer had any odor in our compound, and the cost of maintenance had significantly reduced,” says Patrick.

Even better, when they needed to move to a new construction site in Muthurwa, the Fresh Life team facilitated the relocation of their Fresh Life Toilets. “We are no longer worried about environmental pollution as a result of burying pit latrines,” Patrick beams.

As for Kevin, his work is a lot easier. “Useful insights from Fresh Life Field Officer Felistus Nyamoita help me to always maintain clean toilets. I also teach my colleagues how to use the Fresh Life Toilets, “ he says.

In addition, he has learnt vital skills that have been useful in supplementing his income. “I always attend Fresh Life forums and have learnt how to make soap. I now make all the soap that is used by our company,” Kevin smiles, adding that he looks forward to producing it on a larger scale and selling it to his friends and neighbors.

Ben and Patrick are also pleased with the hygiene transformation they have seen among their staff since joining the Fresh Life movement. “Our staff toilets are clean, and employees are now more diligent about proper hand washing to prevent disease,” says Patrick.

At Sanergy, we are thrilled to have built a great partnership with VeeVee Construction Company and to be a part of the solution towards improved sanitation!

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