Teammate Mark zealously serves the Sanergy community!

Mark Sindha has been a football fanatic ever since he can remember. Born in Siaya, Western Kenya, and raised in Nairobi’s Huruma Estate, Mark was always at the pitch perfecting his skills. “Football is my first love; I eat, drink, and live it,” he beams. Growing up, his peers in Huruma nicknamed him Diego due to his expertise in the game. He graduated from the under-twelve football games to a mid-fielder football player with Ulinzi Stars Football Club. It was once his full-time job.

Mark is the first person teammates interact with every day
Office Assistant Mark Sindha is the first person teammates interact with every day.

In 2011, following a knee injury which prevented him from playing, he transitioned to corporate employment. He had a diploma in housekeeping, which landed him his first job as a receptionist. After four years of working in different companies, Mark had gained supervisory and customer relations skills that earned him a position at Sanergy as Office Assistant in May this year.

Last month, he was recognized by Sanergy teammates for his contribution in providing a clean working space for teammates. He could not hide his delight at this pleasant surprise. “I was very excited and humbled. It shows that my teammates appreciate my work and motivates me to become better every day.”

Mark gets to work at 6:30 am every day to tidy up the offices. “I ensure there is clean drinking water and cutlery for my teammates to use,” he says. At 8am, he is usually the first person teammates interact with before settling when they first arrive. He then spends the rest of the day receiving guests and offering assistance where needed.

In the short time he has worked here, he has learned a lot about the work Sanergy does. “I have so many tasks to accomplish every day, by knowing all teammates and their work in their various departments, serving them as well as external visitors has become faster, easier, and more efficient,” he says.

Mark helps teammates clean their hands before lunch
Mark makes sure teammates wash their hands before lunch.

Mark’s commitment to do his work exceptionally well and a positive relationship with his teammates has made him very popular. For instance, he has inspired a culture of hand washing among teammates during lunchtime. He goes the extra mile by providing warm water at the hand-washing station during the cold season.

When he is not working, Mark loves to spend time with his wife, two sons and a daughter. “I want to mentor my children to become the best they can be, just like my mother taught me,” he emphasizes.

Mark (third from right) with fellow footballers (Harambee starlettes football club in blue Jerseys and members of the group Mathare Youth Sports Association)
Mark (third from right) with fellow footballers

He is also a part-time football player and coach in Mathare Premier League. He takes time out to share his football expertise with the young football players of the Legends Football Club. “This has been a great way to nurture young football talent and ensure the youth are positively engaged to avoid bad peer influence, which is common in the informal settlements,” he says.

Mark also hopes to pass simple hygiene practices to his family and friends in the community. “While I have not experienced poor sanitation, I believe I can motivate my children to observe important skills such as hand washing, hygiene, and the use of a toilet at all times,” he says.

Mark sees a bright future for himself: “I have plans to pursue a course in business management and coaching. I want to become a renowned football coach and also climb up the ranks in my career to administrative manager,” he says.

At Sanergy, we are delighted to have an exceptionally gifted teammate on board!

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