Fresh Life Toilet helps ensure Villa Franca Estate remains crime-free

DaghlasJosephine’s story was suggested by Douglas Lifede from Sanergy’s Growth Labs team. Douglas is a member of Team Freshi, a group dedicated to highlighting interesting stories from Sanergy, Fresh Life, and the communities we serve. 

Josephine Vuvula is a mother of three who lives at Villa Franca Estate on the outskirts of Nairobi city. She is the Treasurer of Villa Franca Estate, where she owns 80 rental units. The tenants of Josephine’s apartments – known collectively as Simba Court – have had a satisfactory experience; the units have essential amenities such as running water and toilets.

However, the plot’s caretaker and guards were less than content because they did not have toilet facilities for their use. They would often leave the premises in search of spots to relieve themselves. Due to the lapse in security, strangers began entering the plot, and Josephine had to deal with frequent cases of theft. Because of the unavailability of toilets, it was difficult to hold the guards accountable for leaving the duty station unattended.

IMG_6173 (2)
Josephine set up a Fresh Life Toilet for Simba Court’s guards and caretaker to use.

To ensure the security of the plot, Josephine decided to set up a toilet for the caretaker and guards to use. Upon hearing her decision, a security guard who lives in neighboring Mukuru Kwa Njenga told Josephine about Fresh Life Toilets. She visited the Fresh Life offices to learn more about acquiring a Fresh Life Toilet and learned about the interest-free Kiva loan available to Fresh Life Operators, which provided financial support for her undertaking.

In February 2014, Josephine opened a Fresh Life Toilet for her workers. A year and a half later, Josephine has a lot to celebrate: The toilets are accessible for her caretaker and six security guards at all times. The facility is also easy to maintain as the Fresh Life team ensures regular waste collection.

The tenants are happy with Josephine’s decision to install a Fresh Life Toilet; theft cases at the plot have reduced, and the Fresh Life Toilet emits no odor.

IMG_6171 (2)
Caretaker Willy ensures the FLT is kept clean.

In addition, Josephine’s Fresh Life Toilet has provided a job for Willy, who lives nearby. While he also takes care of the plot as a whole, he is charged with ensuring that the Fresh Life Toilet remains clean throughout the day. Josephine’s goal is to assist jobless youths by providing job opportunities for them at Fresh Life Toilet ventures. In liaison with Fresh Life’s Government Relations team, she is in search for land on which to establish additional Fresh Life Toilets.

We are glad Josephine, her tenants, and her staff are pleased with their Fresh Life Toilet!


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