“I have seen myself transform and grow” – A Chat with Teammate Daniel Kyalo Sila

In early 2012, Daniel Kyalo Sila often noticed Fresh Life Toilets around Mukuru while visiting his friends. Kyalo had never lived in informal settlements, but he was well aware of the challenges that his friends went through due to a lack of proper sanitation. His friends had been using pit latrines that were not only unhygienic but also far from their homes.

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Sanergy Teammate Daniel Kyalo Sila

Kyalo was working casual jobs to make ends meet and was on the lookout for better opportunities to support his young family. As luck would have it, he learned of a job opening at Sanergy. Excited by the prospect of permanent employment, he decided to give it a shot. Every day without fail, Kyalo would be up by 4:30am to go and join his logistics teammates in Mukuru. Handcarts in hand, Kyalo and his team would weave through the narrow paths to ensure timely and professional collection of waste from each of the Fresh Life Toilets they were assigned to. This dedication was key to his promotion to team supervisor in the same year.

“Putting a lot of effort in your work and having the right attitude are key ingredients that will never disappoint anyone who wants to get to the top,” he says. He also reiterates that these were key to his promotion. “I have seen myself transform and grow beyond my expectations, which has surprised me and even made me reevaluate my life and career goals,” he adds with a smile.

At the beginning of 2014, Kyalo left the Fresh Life Logistics team to become the assistant supervisor on the processing team – the role he currently holds. He says the transition has helped him learn more about organic fertilizer and move to the next level in his career. Kyalo aspires to be an entrepreneur, and he knows the lessons he’s learning today will come in handy when he starts his own business.

Not only has Kyalo grown professionally, he is happy to be part of the team that ensures his friends who reside in Mukuru have access to clean and fresh toilets all the time. “I have not achieved this success by myself,” Kyalo says with gratitude to team Sanergy. “The team here has willingly taught me on-the-job skills that have helped me perform my tasks. I have attended trainings that have added value to my career and taught me a variety of skills, including health and first aid.” He makes sure to pass on his knowledge and skills to his teammates, so that they too can be top-notch employees.

We are very proud of what Kyalo has accomplished so far, and we know he will achieve great things to come!

Daniel Kyalo Sila was voted as January 2015 Teammate of the Month. He is the Assistant Processing Supervisor at Sanergy and is charged with the processing and packaging of Farm Star fertilizer.


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