Leading by Example: How Fresh Life Operator Eunice Njeri is Inspiring Her Neighbors and Improving Her Community

At Sanergy, we believe that effective, lasting change must come from within the community. We are dedicated to emboldening entrepreneurs so that they may inspire change among their friends and neighbors. March 8 is International Women’s Day, and the theme of IWD 2015 is “Make It Happen.” In keeping with this theme, this month’s Fresh Life Operator spotlight is on Eunice Njeri, a shining example of an individual using her position in the community to create a permanent impact.

Fresh Life Operator Eunice Njeri

Two years ago, Eunice Njeri had a small child and was very concerned about the state of sanitation in her area: “Children would often get sick due to the use of clogged and poorly maintained pit latrines. There were also open sewers flowing through the paths where neighborhood children played.”

Eunice wanted a healthier environment for children residing in her neighborhood. Feeling that she could no longer wait for someone else to improve her community, she set out to make it happen. After a friend told her about the sanitation solution offered by Fresh Life, Eunice purchased two Fresh Life Toilets to help keep her neighborhood clean while providing a steady income for her young family.

Today, her Fresh Life business is thriving. Her two toilets – set up next to a grocery stand she also runs – serve at least 70 customers a day in the Simba Cool area of Mukuru Kwa Reuben. Eunice uses the money she earns to care for her two children. “I have been able to offer my children a decent life by providing for their basic needs and a good education,” Eunice beams. In addition, she has employed her brother as an attendant for the Fresh Life Toilets so that he can earn money to support himself.

As for the positive impact Eunice was hoping to have on the neighborhood, children, in particular, now have access to clean, safe, and hygienic toilet services. She is particularly keen on teaching them proper hand-washing as a way to help mitigate the prevalence of diarrhea among them.

Eunice is proud of the progress she has made, both in her business and in her community. She finds joy and fulfillment in mentoring her younger brother, who looks up to her, and she hopes her example will inspire him toward entrepreneurship.

Eunice is a wonderful role model for her community. Anything she sets her mind to, we are certain she can make it happen!

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