Fresh Life Operator Spotlight – Sophia Mokaya

Fresh Life Operator - Sophia Mwita
Fresh Life Operator – Sophia Mokaya

After two years of teaching at Stevens Academy in Mukuru, Sophia decided to start a school of her own. She opened Bright Star Academy in Mukuru Kwa Ruben in September 2014, serving children from age 2 to 13. The first month the school was in operation, she had 12 students. Now, Sophia has grown the school ten times: there are 120 children taught by 7 teachers!

Sophia first heard about Fresh Life when working in Stevens Academy, another school with 4 Fresh Life Toilets. Determined to provide her students with the same high-quality sanitation experience, she decided to invest in a Fresh Life Toilet this January.

“Before we installed the Fresh Life Toilet, the students and teachers had to use the pit latrine next door. It was difficult to clean and very unsafe; the children were often at risk of slipping and falling in. The Fresh Life Toilet is a much safer and cleaner option,” she says with a smile. In fact, this has become a selling point for Bright Star Academy – since the toilet was installed, more than 50 parents have expressed interest in enrolling their children in the school!

Sophia – who charges much lower tuition than other schools in the neighborhood and who provides uniforms to families who can’t afford them – plans to add another Fresh Life unit in the school, and her dream is to open many more schools with affordable fees throughout Mukuru. Sophia is our hero of the month, and we are proud to partner with her to ensure that Bright Star Academy students have a safe, clean, and hygienic sanitation experience!


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