Media highlights from 2014

Sanergy teammates are all geared up for 2015!
The team is all geared up for 2015!

Sanergy experienced tremendous growth in 2014. We started the year with 372 toilets run by 192 Fresh Life Operators. By the end of the year, we had successfully launched 623 franchises to 295 FLOs. And people around the world have taken notice.

To start, our work was highlighted in several round-ups in 2014. Fast Company named Sanergy one of The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies Dedicated To Social Good. Being included in a list with Bloomberg Philanthropies, Nike, and Tesla – among others – was a huge honor! In November, Malaka Gharib of One wrote about the 2014 Tech Award laureates, naming Sanergy’s work as one of 10 Incredible Tech Innovations from 2014 that will Benefit Humanity. Jaleh Bisharat’s recent piece in The Huffington Post called Sanergy one of eight companies that impress both activists and investors.

After a visit to our office and production site, Helen Cripps of Forward Foundation wrote up a blog post about Reasons to Salute Sanergy, highlighting the level of support our sales team gives the Fresh Life Operators, the ongoing innovation at every stage of the sanitation and waste collection process, and the multiple benefits Sanergy conveys, from offering clean, hygienic toilets, to employing community members to join our team.

Science World Report featured Sanergy’s work to find value in human waste, and our unique approach to solving the sanitation crisis by focusing on the whole sanitation value chain was featured in the Christian Science Monitor. Mike Miesen of The Daily Beast visited our offices in Mukuru and wrote an article about how Sanergy answers the question of “turning human waste into human welfare.” Global CEO featured a write-up on Sanergy’s “triple bottom line”: providing hygienic sanitation solutions, employing community residents, and producing and selling much-needed fertilizer to Kenyan farmers.

An article in The Atlantic described Sanergy’s model as “a chain of toilet boutiques,”, while GOOD Magazine highlighted the Fresh Life Toilet’s innovative design as one of the models at the forefront of global sanitation in The Future of the Toilet. In addition, we’ve enjoyed some coverage in local Kenyan press. Sanergy’s work has been covered throughout the year by The Daily Nation and Business Daily.

We’re delighted our work has been of continued interest around the globe, and we look forward to sharing Sanergy’s mission to improve access to sanitation for everyone, forever, in 2015.

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