Business is booming for young Fresh Life Operator

Fresh Life Operator - Victor Opiyo
Fresh Life Operator – Victor Opiyo  

We are always on the look out for Fresh Life Operator. Prior to owning his Fresh Life Toilets, Victor was in and out of odd jobs. “I was getting tired of inconsistent jobs because some days I did not have money to feed my young family.” One evening as he was walking home, he came across customers lining up to use a Fresh Life Toilet. He was immediately taken in by its bright colours and the prospect of earning an income from the venture. Victor made enquiries and was referred to the Fresh Life offices.

A month later Victor became the proud owner of  two Fresh Life Toilets located in the vibrant Muthurwa market. His savvy business skills paid off and he added two more units in a span of six months! His four Fresh Life Toilets serve over 500 people daily with hygienic sanitation. He has employed two attendants to ensure that his customers get the ultimate sanitation experience. “I really value my customers and that is why I ensure that my attendants keep maintaining the Fresh Life standards. I learnt these skills thanks to the Fresh Life business training,” he says with a beaming smile.
Victor recalls that Muthurwa had no toilets, and the nearest one was very far. He adds that even after walking the distance to access the toilet, it was still very dirty and so residents opted to use flying toilets or relieve themselves in the nearby bushes.  Since the introduction of the Fresh Life Toilets, the area is now much cleaner and this has made residents and business owners very happy.
In due time, Victor hopes to open a barbershop, right next to his Fresh Life Toilets. This will help him capitalise on the large amounts of foot traffic using his Fresh Life Toilets.  “I am now self-employed and enjoying every minute of it, things are really looking up for me,” says a confident Victor.
We wish the young entrepreneur all the best!

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