It’s A New Dawn for the New Dawn Community School in Mukuru

The kids give a thumbs-up to the new Fresh Life Toilets
The kids give a thumbs-up to the new Fresh Life Toilets

Last week we wrote about Stevens School and their digital Fresh Life Toilets. This week we feature another school that has also made the big switch.

At the entrance of New Dawn Community School, the school motto reads “Elimisha mtoto boresha jamii” (Educate a child, improve society”). The deputy teacher, Julius Moses says that this motto is close to their heart as they believe in mentoring children to become successful young adults. “Life in Mukuru has its challenges, but we want the children in our school to know that they can achieve their dreams,” he says.

The school was founded in 2004 and has 400 children ranging from 4-16 years old. One of the challenges that the school faced was the lack of clean toilets. They had pit latrines which were smelly and unclean. A chance meeting by the schools head teacher Ogola Onyago with a Fresh Life sales associate saw them acquire 5 Fresh Life Toilets!

Teacher Julius adds, “We were so impressed by the hygienic toilets that we decided to install 5 of them so that everybody in the school compound had a nice, clean toilet.” The school has employed a caretaker to ensure that the children always get a clean toilet during break and that the young kids have someone to help them.

The Fresh Life Toilets have hand-washing stands with soap and water that have helped them observe the importance of good hygiene practices. “We really appreciate the Fresh Life Toilets. Our children are now happier because they don’t have to worry about getting into a dirty toilet again at school. That is all in the past now,”says teacher Julius with a smile.


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