Stevens School Has Gone Digital Thanks to Fresh Life Toilets

Head teacher Margaret Karani (front) and teacher Isabella (at the back) with the pupils of Stevens Academy
Head teacher Margaret Karani (front) and teacher Isabella (at the back) with the pupils of Stevens School

Head teacher and founder of Stevens School Margaret Karani has always had a passion for helping young children. “ I love mentoring young children and ensuring that they succeed in life, I derive so much joy from teaching and looking after them,” she asserts.

The school was so impressed by their newly acquired Fresh Life Toilets that they threw their own opening ceremony to signify their new status. The school, which has multiple  branches in Mukuru such as Imara Daima, has over 850 students in all of it’s branches.

Before acquiring the Fresh Life Toilets, the school was using pit latrines, which are now being phased out. It had become increasingly difficult to use them because they were smelly and would fill up very fast. Getting people to manually drain the waste was also very expensive for the school administration.

Deputy teacher Isabella  Dodo had heard about Fresh Life within the community. She decided to get in touch with them. The bright, blue Fresh Life Toilets are now a favorite feature of the schools with the kids referring to them as ‘digital toilets’. To ensure that the children maintain good hygienic practices, they have writing competitions in which the kids write about how to use a Fresh Life Toilet.

Isabella relays that the children now know that it is important to use tissue paper and wash hands after using the toilets.  These are some of the hygiene practices that are emphasised in the Fresh Life Operators business training. “The school compound is also much cleaner and the air much fresher because the Fresh Life logistics team collect waste in such a professional manner,” she says.

In due course, they hope to install Fresh Life Toilets in  the remaining two branches to ensure that their students get great, hygienic sanitation services.





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