Chief Elspeth Njeri is a Fresh Life Champion!

Chief Elspeth Njeri in her Mukuru Office
Chief Elspeth Njeri in her Mukuru Office

This week, we feature a Fresh Champion of our work. Elspeth Njeri is a government official who has gone to great lengths to help her constituents. She is also a vocal advocate for a cleaner Mukuru.

Settling disputes between neighbours, helping the residents of Mukuru access legal help and hosting visiting government officials in the Reuben community – welcome to a day in the life of Mukuru kwa Reuben Chief Elspeth Njeri.

In a remarkable career spanning over 20 years, the 51-year old public servant has dedicated her life to serving the various communities that she has worked with.
Having served in various administrative capacities in areas such as Ruai, Dandora, and Kariobangi North, the posting in Mukuru four years ago gave her a new set of challenges.

The residents in Mukuru face many challenges,  including the lack of access to basic services such as sanitation, education and good healthcare. Unemployment and poverty have exacerbated this problem. Njeri however believes that Mukuru is headed in the right direction now that community members are availed to more and more practical solutions.

One of these solutions has been Fresh Life Toilets, “The residents of Mukuru Kwa Ruben really suffered because of lack of toilets. Before Fresh Life Toilets were introduced to this community, this place was a big mess. Fresh Life has done a great job of cleaning this place up.” She is excited that the presence of Fresh Life Toilets has also played a great role in teaching young children the importance of proper waste disposal.
In the course of her work, Njeri meets many residents and does not hesitate to let them know that the Fresh Life Toilets are also a good investment for entrepreneurs looking to earn a good income!

As a leader, Chief Njeri faces a lot of hurdles because the funding allocated cannot solve all the issues that plague the community at once. She prioritizes what needs to be done and she loves that ventures like Fresh Life are sustainable in the long term. She also loves working with the people and this is what gives her the strength to go on. The passionate community leader is also a gender advocate and has won an award form the Wangui Kanja Foundation for her efforts in fighting for the rights of girls and women in Reuben community.

  • A gender sensitive leader, pro-development and empathetic government representative is a commendable combination. Mukuru us lucky to have you!

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