Sanergy’s Quarterly Fresh Life Operators Forum – June 2014 Edition

Gladys Ndambuki

On a quarterly basis throughout the year, Sanergy holds the Fresh Life Operators forum. The forum brings together our Fresh Life Operators to discuss any issues that are pertinent to the Fresh Life business. The most recent forum was held on 13th June 2014 in Makongeni Social Hall, Nairobi. It brought together over 100 of our Fresh Life Operators. We talked to Gladys Ndambuki, Sanergy’s Area Manager and Kiva Coordinator, about the forum.

What is the importance of holding the Fresh Life Operators Forum?

These forums are very beneficial to everyone in the Fresh Life Community. It gives us an opportunity to interact with the franchise holders and get crucial feedback from them on how their Fresh Life business is doing. This feedback helps us to continuously improve our operations and ensure that the entrepreneurs generate as much customer demand as possible. The forum also gives the Fresh Life Operators an opportunity to interact and learn from each other.

What were the highlights in this particular forum?

In every forum, we seek to improve the business acumen of our entrepreneurs. One of the requirements that the Fresh Life Operators have to abide by when operating a Fresh Life Toilet is keeping the Fresh Life Toilet clean and providing the customer with soap and water – this generates sustained demand. To ensure that they adhere to these standards, we decided to teach them how to make high quality soap using materials that are locally available at fair prices so that they can always provide soap to their customers for washing hands after using the toilet. We have also partnered with providers of add-on products that the micro-entrepreneurs can sell as they run their Fresh Life business. These goods include solar lanterns, and energy saving cook stoves among others.

Any significant changes in the forums over the years?

Yes! We used to have one forum for all Fresh Life Operators but with our continued growth and expansion, we realized we needed to split them into two since Commercial Fresh Life Operators face different challenges from Institutional (schools, healthcare clinics) Fresh Life Operators. So far, this strategy has worked very well as the attendees have said they find the discussions are more appropriate to their specific challenges.

How does the forum help you in your line of work at Sanergy?

These forums help me to interact with the Fresh Life Operators and make my work easier as I get feedback from them on what’s working and what is not working.  It therefore becomes easier for me to help them run their businesses more successfully.

Going forward?

We value our Fresh Life Operators and we are keen on empowering them so they can succeed. We will continue to hold these events to reinforce our continued commitment to our Fresh Life Operators. We want them to know that they are our ambassadors in the provision of hygienic, affordable and accessible sanitation for everyone, forever.

Click here for pictures of the vibrant event!



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