Fresh Voices From The Ground

Every so often, we hear compelling testimonies about the transformation that Fresh Life has made in the lives of the community members and teammates. Here is a round-up of some of the memorable quotes we have amassed in the recent past:

083Fresh Life Operator George Brawn on the Economic Benefits of the Fresh Life Toilets:

“This business is good because through it, I can comfortably feed my family. Also, I have created employment for two attendants who take care of the Fresh Life Toilets on my behalf. The dreams I shelved for years are now within my reach.”



???????????????????????????????Teacher Faith Mumbua of St. Jude Catholic Primary School during the 2014 World Environment Day Celebrations

“I use the Fresh Life Toilet as I live in Mukuru Kwa Njenga. I love using them because they are clean and they are helping in conserving the environment.  Before they were introduced, people used to defecate along the railway line but now that we have them, they are making life better.” 


Lucky Owino


7 year Old Lucky Owino from St. June Catholic Primary on having a Fresh Life Toilet at school

“These days because of the Fresh Life Toilets, fewer people get ill at school. People can wash their hands now.”



Josephine Nthenya – Fresh Life Operator and a Kiva loan Beneficiary:Josephine nthenya

“I am grateful to the partnership between Sanergy and Kiva for providing me with an opportunity to earn a stable income which enables me to provide for my family.”




ippEdwin Kahonge – Member of Sanergy’s Front Line Team

Unlike my many friends who are jobless, I earn an income from my job. When I was growing up (in Mukuru), sanitation was a huge problem and I desired to clean up Mukuru for the better but I did not know where to start. As a Front Line teammate, I clean up Mukuru every single day.” 



Sarah Farooq 2
Sarah (Left) with teammates Dennis(middle) and Fellow Miriam Atuya

Sales and Operations Fellow Sarah Farooq after attending her first ever Fresh Life Operators forum

The forum was a wonderful interactive platform for the Fresh Life Operators to learn from each other. The prize giving part was a very good idea because it acknowledges the Fresh Life Operators who are maintaining high standards of the Fresh Life Toilets while encouraging the other Fresh Life Operators to improve the standards of their Fresh Life Toilets.”


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