Keeping it Fresh : SAP’s stint at Sanergy

From left to right: Dr. Yaniv Ophir, Ayca Serrican and Dharshan Anandappa

Here at Sanergy, we are always keeping it fresh by building partnerships with organizations large and small to achieve the greatest impact in the communities that we work with. Last month, thanks to the Acumen Technical Assistance Initiative, Sanergy played host to visiting managers from SAP.

SAP, whose headquarters is in Germany, is a software enterprise with over 130 offices across the globe. The Social Sabbatical program by SAP lasts one month and brings together talented employees to contribute their time and aptitude to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses in emerging markets.

The trio in Sanergy comprised of Ayca Serrican who is a financial controller based in Turkey, Dharshan Anandappa an Information Lifecycle Management expert based in India and Dr. Yaniv Ophir an expert in performance testing from Israel. “The social sabbatical gives us an opportunity to contribute our skills to organizations such as Sanergy which is making a huge difference in the lives of the communities that they serve,” remarked Ayca.

Dharshan Anandappa was more than happy to use his skill sets in helping Sanergy tackle one of the most challenging issues in the developing world. Dharshan, who hails from Karnataka in southern India where sanitation still remains a challenge, well understands the importance of ensuring that families and communities have access to a good toilet at all times.  Remarking on the sustainability model of Sanergy, Dharshan noted “Give a man fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime – what Sanergy is doing through franchising the Fresh Life Toilets is self-sustaining for the communities in the long term.”

Rigorous data analysis and data driven decision making is core to what makes Sanergy unique. The SAP team developed key tools that will drastically increase our ability to compile and crunch data from disparate sources and quickly identify key insights to improve our operations. Dr. Yaniv Ophir added that by learning the structure and overall purpose of Sanergy, the team acquired immense exposure in their line of work and gave the very best of recommendations to improve Sanergy business processes through the use of data.

Other organizations that benefited from this year’s Kenya chapter of the program were Juhudi Kilimo, Open Capital Advisors and the African Management Initiative. They were all selected based on their social impact as well their business challenges which matched with available SAP team skills.


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