Chief Muiyela : We want to be free of flying toilets

Chief Muiyela (pictured in the middle) with the Fresh Life team
Chief Muiyela (pictured in the middle) with the Fresh Life team during the forum

Makongeni Area Chief Peter Muiyela has a remarkable public service career spanning nearly two decades. Muiyela whose first posting was in 1996 in Woodley sub-location in Kibera, has served in various administrative capacities in Nairobi’s environs such as Ngara, Huruma, Muthangari, Eastleigh, Roysambu among others, under the watch of three Presidents!

Last week, he had a new first in his career: he hosted an awareness forum for purchasing toilets – specifically Fresh Life Toilets – in the Makongeni area of Nairobi. “I have seen the positive changes that have happened over the years within the communities I have served. Infrastructure has improved and there are a lot of opportunities for young people to be successful entrepreneurs,” Muiyela says. During the forum, the Chief advised the youth present to take advantage of available business opportunities such as the Fresh Life business and to steer away from vices such as crime.

In Makongeni and Kaloleni, a surge in population has seen residents face ongoing sanitation challenges, toilets are few and far between. The Chief underscores this point,  “Most of the residents here do not have access to a toilet facility and those that do, have a lot of challenges with keeping them clean because there is a water shortage. ” Residents have to buy water for household use on a daily basis – it ends up being very expensive relative to means.

Fresh Life Operator John Okumu is one such resident who knows the sanitation problem all to well. Prior to the installation of Fresh Life Toilets in Kaloleni, there were a lot of flying toilets strewn all over. “It was terrible,” he says, “20 of us got together and purchased a Fresh Life Toilet, which we take turns in running.” Okumu tells of the amazing difference in their area. The flying toilets have now significantly reduced and they hope to install many more to cater for the needs of the whole population. The Fresh Life Toilet that serves over 100 customers per day also generates an income for the father of three who doubles as an electrician in his spare time.

“We are endorsing the Fresh Life Toilet for our residents because it can be installed close to their homes and is accessible even at night. It also requires minimal water for hand washing and offers an opportunity for our youth to generate an income” says Chief Muiyela. He hopes that one day, the Makongeni and Kaloleni areas will be free of flying toilets and this will attract business people from all walks of life to invest in various businesses in the area.

The Chief is another stakeholder who has joined the Fresh Life movement – we are thrilled to have him on board!

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