A Fresh New Look for the Fresh Life Toilet

Fresh Life Operator Agnes Nduta holding her new squat plate

We are relentless in our pursuit to deliver the best sanitation experience in the communities that we serve.  The Product Development team at Sanergy has spent the last two years developing the next generation Fresh Life Toilet that our customers are sure to love.

The ultimate goal: ensure that our Fresh Life Operators, their customers, and our logistics teams have the most functional and aspirational design possible while maintaining our promise to provide the highest quality hygienic and accessible toilets. Mike Hahn and his team went to great lengths to understand user’s needs, desires, and ergonomic constraints.

“The new design is based on an abundance of feedback we received from our community in Mukuru,” Mike said. “Through interviews, concept development, prototyping, and a lot of field testing we began to fully understand the problems and opportunities that surround or toilet.  Once we had a clear idea of the design direction, we spent a long time developing that concept into something that could be manufactured at a scale appropriate for the business while ensuring product quality.”

Through a partnership with MCAD Technologies and Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation, a computer-aided design software company, Mike was able to bring the new Fresh Life Toilet to life through 3D modeling, structural simulation of parts, as well as renderings and manufacturing drawings to communicate designs with vendors and field experts.

Drum roll….

Introducing the New Fresh Life Toilet


Meeting the Desires of Our Fresh Life Operators

Our operators wanted a floor surface that could be cleaned more easily and Sanergy wanted a floor that would stay bright and shiny for as long as possible.

The new Fresh Life Toilet has a pre-cast tiled floor that is smooth and easy to clean. Moreover, it strengthens the aspirational appeal of our facilities – differentiating our FLOs from their competition.


Meeting the Desires of Our Users

During initial user testing it was very clear that women were subjected to splash-back when they used the toilet.  The new urine-diverting squat plate has a unique form with a deep urine bowl and a splash-eliminating ‘fin’.  The squat plate is made from a hard and glossy plastic that is easy to clean and lasts longer than previous squat plate designs.


Meeting the Desires of the Fresh Life Team

Hand-carrying toilet components and construction supplies to installation sites is tough work. Our installation team needed wall panels that would be easier to transport and install.  The new panels are lighter, stronger and smaller in size making them easy to install by quickly fastening them together. This significantly reduces the installation time of the Fresh Life Toilet.

The integrated fit of the new squat plate with our waste collection containers and our “retaining box” (where the containers sit) has made life a lot easier for the Fresh Life Front Line, who will be able to collect more quickly and eliminate any chance of harm to the environment.   This fit also ensures that cleaning liquids from mopping the floor do not end up in the retaining box which slows down collection speeds.


We are currently beta testing 10 of the new Fresh Life Toilets in diverse settings throughout the community. The operators running these toilets are giving regular feedback on their experiences as well as what the end-user thinks about the modifications we have made.

The new look reinforces our brand while also incentivizing potential operators to invest in Fresh Life. As Mike sums up, “We want our entrepreneurs to love their toilets. We want the toilet and the Fresh Life brand to stand as a symbol of quality and customer satisfaction. Hopefully the new design lives up to those standards.”


Click here to see photos of the new Fresh Life Toilet design on Facebook.

Special thanks to Dassault Systèmes and MCAD Technologies for their support!

 SolidworksMCAD Technologies


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