Access Afya + Fresh Life: Delivering Hygienic Sanitation

Access Afya is a social enterprise that is transforming healthcare delivery in Kenya through the creation of a network of high-tech, low-cost health centres that provide quality primary healthcare to those who need it the most.

A customer using the Fresh Life Toilet

Access Afya started operations in Mukuru in December 2012, the second clinic in the Sinai area was opened in March 2014. Most people in informal settlements such as Mukuru do not have access to quality healthcare and when they do, it is punitively expensive.  Access Afya is, first and foremost, designed to be a safer, more reliable option than the crowded free public clinics or the myriad of unregistered chemists, sometimes operated by unqualified personnel.  It also focuses on providing the utmost value at the most reasonable pricing. Each Access Afya clinic has a clinician, a lab technologist and a community health worker who are all carefully vetted for their skills and passion to provide excellent care within the community. So far, the Access Afya clinic in Sinai is averaging 100 clients per month.

When the clinic undertook a customer feedback survey, they found out that the residents really wanted them to acquire their own toilet. As a result, Access Afya recently acquired a Fresh Life Toilet to give their customers a more hygienic and private experience during their visit to the clinic.

Vincent Mutugi at the Access Afya Clinic in Sinai

Clinical director Vincent Mutugi, who previously worked in bigger hospitals such as Kenyatta  and MP Shah, explained why Afya chose Fresh Life. “We want to be a symbol of quality and that is why we invested in a Fresh Life Toilet because the Fresh Toilet brand is synonymous within the community as a quality brand”. Indeed, the Mukuru Clinic is well lit and clean with white tiled floors. The new Fresh Life Toilet will now provide hygienic and quality sanitation for their patients and their staff.

It’s a double win for the community, with Access Afya’s acquisition of a Fresh Life Toilet, the community in Mukuru is now getting excellent primary care and hygienic sanitation all at once.



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