Introducing the Sanergy Mystery Loo User

We conduct the Mystery Loo User survey each month

The mystery shopper is a tool that has been used by many businesses to evaluate their level of customer service and end-user satisfaction. Here at Sanergy, we have our very own Mystery Loo User!

Our Field Officers visit every Fresh Life Operator each week, but since a key objective of these visits is business coaching, in addition to standards enforcement, we let them know when we’re coming … possibly leading to lopsided cleanliness and quality measurements. So, to complement the Field Officers’ work, we conduct the Mystery Loo User survey each month.

Two different mystery users visit each location monthly, pretending to be new Fresh Life users at the toilets they survey. The mystery users then rank the toilet location based on 16 different questions related to cleanliness, quality standards, and customer service. The survey sets out to ask basic questions about the Fresh Life experience, questions such as; After posing as a first time user, did the operator explain how to properly use the Fresh Life Toilet? Was the operator wearing a dustcoat? Was water and soap for handwashing available?

All these questions help us better understand the overall customer experience of the Fresh Life Toilet users and whether Fresh Life Operators are adhering to the set out standards. The process also helps us assess how our model can best reach our goal of providing accessible, affordable, and hygienic sanitation to everyone.

After starting the survey in July, we can now see some interesting patterns. Many seem to reinforce our basic hypothesis that a market-based approach to the provision of sanitation can incentivize better hygiene standards. For example …

Statistically, franchisees who bought their Fresh Life Toilets through a loan from Kiva, a micro-lending platform, have average Mystery Loo User scores higher than franchisees paying for their toilets upfront. This is perhaps driven by the need for the micro-entrepreneur to clear their outstanding payments by spurring their customers to use their facilities – which translates to more income. Whether an outstanding loan payment makes an entrepreneur continually improve their business is something we will look in to as we continue our survey.

Fresh Life Operators with commercial toilets are successfully upholding Fresh Life quality standards: Over 99% of these commercial Fresh Life Toilet locations have sawdust and over 96% have tissue paper! This means that our micro-entrepreneurs who run the Fresh Life Toilets as businesses are really invested in making their business grow, and are thereby consistently providing good service to their customers.

As we continue this exciting venture to enrich our customer experience, we’ll be sure to share future insights with you along the way.

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