“Live the Life of the User”: Sanergy and Technology

Dennis Onyango (left) with fellow teammate Simon Dixon (Insights and Innovations, Sanergy)
Dennis Onyango (right) with fellow teammate Simon Dixon (Insights and Innovations, Sanergy)
Photo Credit: Simon Dixon

This week, we sat down for a chat with our teammate Dennis Onyango, who is passionate about technology and working with data. He is happiest and most content when he is using technology to improve processes and make people’s lives easier.

Growing up in Nanyuki, a small town 200km outside of Nairobi, Dennis did not have access to a computer.  Just after finishing high school, he was exposed to some basic computer programs through self-learning. It is this first interaction with technology that awakened a passion in him to dive into the tech world. As a USAID-Equity Group Foundation Scholar – a prestigious distinction supported by the US Government and Equity Bank – Dennis pursued a BSc in Technology with a major in Electronics from Baraton University.

Dennis joined Sanergy nearly two years ago. He was profoundly influenced by the book “Betterness: Economics for Humans” by Umair Haque which epitomises how we can create social good in a sustainable way, and he believed that Sanergy offered him that opportunity.

At Sanergy, he has been involved in several exciting projects such as the use of Salesforce to integrate and analyze data into our daily operations and the development of our partnerships with the Salesforce Foundation, Vera Solutions and Captricity. “Sanergy has exposed me to so many different networks that are always looking for innovative ways to use data in solving challenges.”

In Dennis’ experience, the key to staying ahead in technology is for businesses and individuals to be curious about the environment around them. Or as he puts it, “Live the life of the user”.  Dennis recalls those initial formative months in Sanergy when he learnt this invaluable lesson. “At Sanergy, it isn’t just about the numbers, we have to make sure that the numbers mean we are having an impact and creating value where it is needed most. Dennis believes, “there is no limit to the innovative ways society can use technology and Sanergy’s work, day in and day out, exemplifies this purpose for technology.”

Dennis has excelled at Sanergy because of the best career advice he ever received from his mother: ‘There is no ending to learning’. He credits transfer of knowledge from all the teammates at Sanergy as central to his learning process. “Graduate school gives you the skill-set but it is conversations I’ve had with people that give me the insights I need”.

This week, on a bittersweet note, Dennis moved onto an organization that presents big new tech challenges for him in his hometown of Nanyuki. We wish him the best and thank him for his service to the Sanergy – Fresh Life family. Of course, that means we have some great openings for IT-skilled people. Come join the Sanergy Team!


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