Sanergy in the News

Here are some of the great mentions we received towards the end of 2013 from some of our friends, partners and the press.

Acumen blog, “Tomorrow’s City Living Ideas from Today’s Slums”, July 10, 2013

Financial Mail website, “You’re In Business Now”, July 18, 2013

Financial Times website, “Kenya’s Slums Turn Waste Into Gold“, July 23, 2013

Gates Foundation blog, “WASH United and Sanergy Form Sanitation ‘Dream Team’ to Save Lives in Nairobi”, August 8, 2013

GBS TV, “Zoom in Africa”, August 12, 2013

Entrepreneurs for a Change website,  “A Loo on a Green Energy Mission: David Auerbach of Sanergy”, August 20, 2013

USAID Frontlines website, “The Business of Waste“, July/August, 2013

The Voice of the Valley website, “Local Firm Supports Kenyan Sanitation“,  August  28, 2013

Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI) blog, “THE TOILET TOURS, PART I“, August 20, 2013

Daily Nation newspaper, “He Covered his Nose and Now Uses Toilets to Make Money“, August 30, 2013


Gates Foundation blog , “My First 100 Days in Pursuit of a Better Toilet“, September 9, 2013

USAID website, “From Public Health Hazard to Organic Fertilizer: Franchising Human Waste in Kenya’s Slums“, September 10, 2013

Virgin Unite website, “Getting to the Bottom …of Toilet Innovation“, October 15, 2013

The Tribune website, “World Toilet Day Offers Sanitary Relief to Impoverished Countries“, November 19, 2013

Mental Floss blog, “5 Reasons Why World Toilet Day is Awesome“, December 13, 2013

Thomson Reuters Foundation website, “Forget the Number-Crunching on Toilets, Look for Business Solutions“, November 20, 2013

Vera Solutions blog, “Sanergy and Captricity: Appropriate Technology for Challenging Environments“, December 20, 2013




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