Looking Back Before Springing Forward

IMG_6933_edited-2The Sanergy Team

It is the start of a fresh new year at Sanergy! 2014 promises to bring tremendous  growth as we build upon our strong foundation. In this blog post we share reflections of our team leaders on the highlights of 2013 and why they are excited for 2014;

Dennis Ochieng – Sales & Operations:  “In 2013, we had a remarkable year. Our numbers were on the up and up and we opened a total of 165 Fresh Life Toilets! We currently have 308 Fresh Life Toilets and expect  to grow significantly in 2014. In 2013, we had a 90% renewal rate- meaning that our  Fresh Life Operators continued to stay in the network. This means two things: they are running successful businesses and creating value for our customers as well.”

 Joseph Githinji  – Marketing & Branding:  “We built strong partnerships with WASH United and Oxfam that enabled us to not only implement successful school hygiene awareness training in 15 schools, but also jointly host two major events – Global Hand Washing Day in October and World Toilet Day in November that saw thousands of community members attend and celebrate with us the strides we have made in addressing sanitation. Now, we are averaging over 12,000 users per day in the Fresh Life Network.”

 Michael Lwoyelo – Engineering Operations:  “In 2013, the department grew exponentially. We can now install 8 Fresh Life Toilets in a week. It was also remarkable to see the growth of staff, such as John Okwemba, who moved from being a fabrication mason to being an installation supervisor. In 2014 we are employing new technology that will reduce fertilizer processing time from 6 months to just 24 hours! We will also introduce the new toilet design to offer more value to our customers.”

Becky Auerbach – Business Development:We designed and implemented a program specifically for youth Fresh Life Operators with Forward Foundation; expanded into new areas with support from the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands and GOAL; prototyped and produced the second Fresh Life Toilet squat plate designed for women and children with the support of SIDA; made huge strides in our waste management and processing operations with support from USAID; introduced our organic fertiliser to the market with DOW and Acumen; and are testing new saleable waste by-products,  including biochar, working with experts from the Climate Foundation.”

 Alex Manyasi – Government Relations: In 2013, we developed strong relations with the Ministries of Health and Education. With the Ministry of Health, we co-founded the first taskforce focused on the private sector providing hygienic sanitation in informal settlements. We are also in the process of strengthening relations with the county governments to ensure an even greater partnership as the counties become increasingly central to the delivery of all public goods in 2014.”

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