Sanergy wins 2013 FT-Citi Ingenuity Award: Urban Ideas in Action!

Sanergys' Becky Auerbach (in the middle) is all smiles as she holds the award
Sanergys’ Becky Auerbach (in the middle) is all smiles as she holds the award

Sanergy won the 2013 FT-Citi Ingenuity Award! It’s an incredible way for us to end the year and we are so appreciative of the selection committee for celebrating our work.  The prize recognizes organizations with “groundbreaking solutions to meet the changing needs of their citizens.” As Michael Skapinker editor of the FT – Special Reports wrote, the judges selected Sanergy because “it was innovative, was sustainable, it could be used elsewhere and it solved one of the most important problems that poor urban communities face – the dignified and healthy disposal of human waste.” As Michael also rightly points out, any of the entries could have won and we encourage you to check out the incredible work of the organizations from around the world! As part of the award, Sanergy was featured in the Financial Times today. The article, by Katrina Manson, is incredibly flattering as it lays out not only Sanergy’s innovative model, but how our work is changing the lives of our teammates and our entrepreneurs. Also, check out this great video they made about our work! Thank you to everyone at Citi, the FT, and Dede Pochos for leading the coordination of the event!

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