Bonny’s Dream for Mukuru

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Boniface in the course of his work in Mukuru

Boniface Mukala, born and raised in Mukuru, is a 23-year-old Senior Sales Associate at Sanergy in Nairobi Kenya. He joined our team in September 2011 – before even the first toilets were sold.

Boniface is a young man who is passionate about making a difference in his community. Prior to joining Sanergy, he undertook community mobilization with the ‘U-tena’ youth group that uses the power of the arts – theater, acrobats, music and film – to spread positive messages throughout the Mukuru community.

Boniface works day-in, day-out to find prospective Fresh Life Operators.  He hones his pitch to relay the business potential our Fresh Life Toilets hold as well as the added benefit of having accessible and hygienic sanitation for the community he loves.  His proudest achievement has been the recent uptake of Fresh Life Toilets by youth in Mukuru.

Complemented with Sanergy’s customised curriculum which was developed with the support of the Forward Foundation, the youth are running viable, sustainable businesses. Boniface has noticed a remarkable difference in the confidence and smarts of the youth he works with – especially in young women who consistently re-deploy the profits from the Fresh Life Toilets to other business ventures. This has improved their overall standards of living.

Boniface thinks of himself as an “Ambassador for Change” as far as sanitation in Mukuru is concerned.  He has sold an impressive 100 Fresh Life Toilets in the course of his work. Bonny dreams of a Mukuru in which there is such an abundance of Fresh Life Toilets with the community members spoilt for choice. As he aptly puts it “I dream of  a Mukuru where community members will have  many Fresh Life Toilets every few metres.”

Boniface has grand plans for his own future. First, he wants to ensure that his parents live comfortably without having to worry about their future.  Then, he wants to further his education by attending university one day.


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