Building The Sanitation Ecosystem: Our Approach With The Kenyan Government


At Sanergy we are building healthy, prosperous communities through disruptive solutions to the most critical challenges. We are proud of the dense network of Fresh Life businesses we have established in Kenya’s informal settlements.

In order to meet our goal of making hygienic sanitation affordable and accessible to all, it is crucial for us to establish collaborative relationships with all levels of the Kenyan government.

Alex Manyasi joined the Sanergy team earlier this year as our Government Relations Manager. Alex is a leader in government relations, having advocated for improved business environments while working with the Kenyan Private Sector Association (KEPSA) for several years.

Alex’s job is both art and science. On one hand, he strategically meets with representatives at the national and county government levels. On the other, he must work out what is the right message for each stakeholder. He does all of this while navigating Kenya’s new constitution that drastically altered traditional power structures.

Alex regularly meets with Nairobi City County government officials at Nairobi City Hall on behalf of Sanergy. He also interacts with 8 of Kenya’s 2,427 chiefs, the national government’s representatives at the grassroots level. In addition to introducing Sanergy, Alex tracks policy and legislative developments, identifies opportunities for collaboration, and advocates for pragmatic legislation.

We are excited to share that as a result, we will have the opportunity to support Kenya’s work improving sanitation education, environmental policy, and solutions to urban challenges.

Health: We look forward to collaborating with the Kenya Ministry of Health as a member of the working group designing the country’s first sanitation agenda for Kenya’s urban areas. We are eager to provide guidance on how urban areas can solve sanitation challenges.

Environment: We now have close working relations with the Kenya Ministry of Environment, the body that sets guidelines for environment related programs. As a result, we will be able to ensure national environmental policy supports innovative waste management solutions.

Education: We look forward to contributing to Kenya’s national policy for school sanitation curriculum as a member of the national government’s working group that is evaluating the way Kenya’s schools teach students about sanitation and personal hygiene.

And, now at the county level…

In addition, as a result of our positive working relations with Kenya’s county governments, Alex is ensuring our Fresh Life Operators can confidently open their Fresh Life businesses in the informal settlements where land rights are an ongoing challenge faced by all business owners.

Nairobi’s water and sewage services are provided by the Nairobi Water and Sewage Company, a subsidiary of Nairobi City Council. The company has invited us to participate in the formulation of a new water and sewage strategic plan for Nairobi. We are excited about this opportunity to participate in local decision making.

We look forward to future collaborations with the Kenyan government so that together, we can make hygienic sanitation affordable and accessible for everyone, forever.

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