Introducing Samuel Muindi, Sanergy Processing Supervisor and brand new Fresh Life Operator

Sanergy Processing Supervisor Samuel Muindi.
Sanergy Processing Supervisor Samuel Muindi.

Last week, Sanergy achieved a great milestone: one of our teammates from the Mukuru community, Samuel Muindi, purchased a Fresh Life Toilet for his family to run as a business.  To us, this is a great validation of our model. Our team values Fresh Life so much that they will invest their hard earned savings in it. This week we interview Samuel Muindi, Processing Supervisor at Sanergy’s Waste Management Center to learn how he believes our work changes the community and why he purchased a Fresh Life Toilet.

When did you join Sanergy?

I first met Sanergy when I attended a Sanergy sales event in 2011 in Mukuru Kwa Njenga. Unfortunately I did not have enough money to buy a Fresh Life Toilet, but Miriam [on Sanergy’s sales team] kept me interested by contacting me regularly to see if I was still interested in buying one. Then my friend Vincent who worked at Sanergy introduced me to his colleagues, and they provided me with a job. I joined the Fresh Life Frontline Team in the fall of 2011. I collected the waste from the Fresh Life Toilets for 6 months, and was then promoted to Plant Operator. I was promoted again, to Processing Supervisor.

What is your favorite thing about working for Sanergy?

Sanergy has developed me into the person I am today. I was jobless, and sometimes went to bed without a meal, but everything changed when I joined Sanergy. I am stable, and I can also provide for my family members. Sanergy has also given me the opportunity to help friends find jobs.

The Sanergy Fresh Life Frontline team exchanging empty waste collection cartridges for full ones in early 2012
The Sanergy Fresh Life Frontline team exchanging empty waste collection cartridges for full ones in early 2012.

When did you open your own Fresh Life Toilet? Why did you decide to buy it?

I opened my Fresh Life Toilet 1.5 weeks ago. Where I live in Mukuru Kwa Njenga, there is a problem with sanitation. The toilets near my house are pit latrines, and are not very hygienic. I decided to bring about change in my community. People prefer to use my toilet because it is very clean, and we provide toilet tissue, and a handwashing station with soap.

How did you finance your Fresh Life Toilet?

I paid the deposit on my Fresh Life Toilet, and the rest of the amount due will be deducted from my salary each month. With the offer for employees I was able to save 5,000 ksh on the price of the toilet.

Who operates your Fresh Life Toilet while you are at Sanergy?

I bought the Fresh Life Toilet so I could create a job for my sister. She has two children, ages 3 and 5. I pay my sister to run the toilet for me. She lives very far away so I open the toilet at 6am and run it until she arrives at 6:30am. I plan to operate the toilet on my days off so I can see how the toilet is doing.

Who are your customers?

Some of my neighbors use my Fresh Life Toilet, but most of my customers are people who are passing by on their way to and from work.

What are your business aspirations?

I hope to make enough money from my Fresh Life Toilet so that I can buy 1-2 additional Fresh Life Toilets to further improve my community. I would also like to open and operate a shower.

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