Sanergy Recognized as Social Innovator of the Year by the Swedish Development Agency’s Innovations against Poverty Program


On Monday in Stockholm, Sanergy was recognized as the Social Innovator of the Year by the Swedish Development Agency’s Innovations against Poverty! We are deeply honored by the recognition. IAP currently has 40 projects in its portfolio and Sanergy was recognized for having the highest development impact coupled with strongest commercial viability.

At Sanergy, we always say, “Our work starts with a great product.” We can thank IAP for making sure that we are offering the best toilet around. IAP has supported Sanergy’s work in developing the 2nd and 3rd iterations of the Fresh Life Toilet design, which now uses less concrete in production, can be assembled much more rapidly, and the waste cartridges can be removed with greater ease. Next up, we are looking to improve our design for children and for people who prefer seated toilets, such as the elderly. As we grow, we need to have a suite of products designed for every type of customer that we serve.

The IAP conference offered us the opportunity to meet some fantastic entrepreneurs including Sanjay Shah, who runs Finaccess, which is developing an MPESA + then some for Nepal; and Andreas Renner, whose company, elimentaire sarl, is increasing the production of moringa  – a highly nutritious, locally grown crop in Madagascar – and distributing it to low-income populations. We also met one of our inspirations – Daudi Were of the Ushahaidi team – who has led the movement around crisis mapping and first response work in Nairobi.

Thank you to the IAP + PriceWaterhouseCooper teams that have worked with us as we scale in Nairobi.

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