Sanergy Joins Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation’s Portfolio

We are thrilled to announce that we have joined the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation portfolio. Draper Richards Kaplan is a venture philanthropy group focused on early-stage high-impact nonprofit organizations. In a global search by DRK, we were identified as one of the highest-potential new social enterprises.

We feel a kindred connection to Silicon Valley, where entrepreneurs are working to scale companies that make the world a better place.  The Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation channels the energy of Silicon Valley into supporting visionary social entrepreneurs with organizations that will have unrivaled impact in the fight against the world’s most pressing problems. Bill Draper is one of the architects of the modern-day venture capital movement, and he also served as the head of the United Nations Development Program. If there was ever a strong fit for Sanergy, this is it!

DRK will provide us with financial backing over three years, supporting our growth and impact by serving as a board member, and creating a learning community. This award is a testament to the hard work of each and every Sanergy team member, who are the most driven and dedicated team that a great idea could ever ask for.

Their support will enable us to scale as we strive to provide the fundamental human right of hygienic sanitation for everyone.


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