Let’s Talk About Toilets

Esther Munyiva, an energetic Fresh Life Operator (FLO) from Mukuru Kwa Ruben, gave an impassioned speech last week about her dream of offering her family cleaner and safer sanitation. She no longer wanted them to walk a long distance to use a toilet, especially at night, when the informal settlements are very unsafe places.

Esther in action

Since becoming an FLO, not only has she realized that dream, but she is running a sound business by employing skills she learned during Fresh Life Operator training. This was not just a sales pitch – although, as you can imagine, our FLOs are our best ambassadors. 

Esther’s audience was in fact the other Fresh Life Operators in her community. Esther was speaking at a Fresh Life Operator Network Forum, a quarterly event which provides an opportunity for FLOs to network, share experiences, and create synergies. We also bring in motivational speakers to discuss current topics. Indeed, sometimes our Fresh Life Operators do the motivating for us.

Motivating the FLOs

For Sanergy, though, the forum is a chance for us to receive valuable feedback on the Fresh Life Toilets from the people who matter the most: our customers. They have ideas, concerns, hopes, and fears. These forums create a comfortable atmosphere for that open dialogue.

We were pleased to see a strong turnout of 15 network members, who all took 3 hours out of their busy day to attend. We are only as strong as the network we build and the values we collectively hold. Our FLOs get this better than anyone! We continue to be thrilled with the group of leaders that are forming to make Mukuru cleaner, safer, and healthier.


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