Fresh Life Firsts: Inside a Maternity Ward

This week, we proudly opened a Fresh Life toilet in the maternity ward of a medical clinic. When we heard that a doctor was interested in opening the Fresh Life toilet, we were skeptical. Is our FLT so hygienic that it would be suitable for a medical location? In fact, we asked Dr. Sam Atandi, the clinic’s owner, that very question. He responded succinctly, “The Fresh Life Toilet is easy-to-use for my patients and easy-to-clean for my staff.”

Fresh Life Toilet + Shower at a new clinic

Indeed, we have found that both ease-of-use and ease-to-clean are critical for maintaining the overall cleanliness.

The challenge helped us on two other fronts – improved assembly and improved customer service.

This was the first time we built the structure and drainage system for a shower. As we develop add-on features to the standard Fresh Life Toilet, this is a useful test case for us to learn from.

Similarly, we generally build stand-alone structures. But given that the toilet was inside a maternity ward, we faced some serious, unalterable constraints (like load-bearing walls). As Joel Veenstra, one of Sanergy’s lead engineers, described, “I was really pleased with the flexibility of our prefabricated parts: we were able to anchor our parts to existing walls, which meant that we did not have to modify the design.”

On the waste collection front, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in town. We know that we are working in a particularly sensitive location with a clientele that might be uncomfortable. It challenged our waste collection team – the Fresh Life Front Line – to be extra respectful and extra careful when removing the waste. Sanergy and Dr. Atandi decided to provide an additional screen between the Fresh Life toilet and the rest of the ward to enhance the privacy of the patient. In addition, the team carefully planned out the waste collectors’ route in order to minimize both their time and potential disruptiveness in the ward.

All in all, we’re proud of how the team responded to the challenge and, moreover, that we’re providing hygienic sanitation to a whole new market.

Nice work, Assembly Team!


  • What a wonderful addition to the maternity clinic! Well done to Dr. Atandi and to the Sanergy team for their thoughtful, caring handling of the many sensitive issues … and for realizing the benefits that Fresh Life Toilet can bring to the pregnant women at the Clinic.

  • This is a very nice and thoughtful venture. We hope you will spread to other areas so that the needy cases can be addressed

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