Sanergy in the News: 2011

BostInno, “37 Student Startup Ideas That Received Funding in 2011 From Boston’s Best Colleges & Universities”, Lauren Landry, December 30, 2011

Forbes, “The World’s Best Sustainability Idea: The Gold In Human Waste”, Susan Adams, December 8, 2011

Green Prophet, “Katerva Prize Will Help Sanergy Power the World With Poop”, Tafline Laylin, December 8, 2011

DigBoston, “Not (Just) for Profit”, Erin Kelly, December 7, 2011

Trend Hunter, “David Auerbach, Co-Founder of Sanergy”, Bianca Bartz, December 5, 2011

WOR710 Radio, “Liz Hamburg interviews David Auerbach”, December 2011 (NO URL)

Fast Company, “Toilet Entrepreneurs, Powered By MIT Innovation”, Ben Schiller, November 30, 2011

BostInno, “Sanergy To Be Awarded $100K from USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures to ‘Turn Shit Into Gold’”, Lauren Landry, November 29, 2011

The Star, “City Council Rolls out New City Toilets”, November 22, 2011

Trend Hunter, “Urban Slum Sanitation”, Bianca Bartz, November 22, 2011

NPR, “Building a Better Toilet”, Ira Flatow, November 18, 2011

GOOD, “The Silicon Valley of Shit: Nairobi Is Ground Zero for Sanitation Innovation”, Jonathan Kalan, November 17, 2011

Xconomy, “MassChallenge Matures”, Gregory T. Huang, October 13, 2011

Businessweek, “Cleaning Up: David Auerbach’s Sanergy “, Patrick Clark, October 13, 2011

CNN, “iReport: Road to Durban: Sanergy Cycle”, Monita Rajpal, July 20, 2011

Global Envistion, “The sanitation value chain in nairobi’s slums”, Eliza Slater, June 22, 2011

India NewEngland, “Startup competition fuels Sanergy’s efforts in Kenya”, Jen Richman, June 15, 2011

El Confidencial, “Los jóvenes emprendedores que convirtieron “la mierda en oro” (The Young Entrepreneurs who Convert Shit into Gold)”, June 5, 2011

PRI’s The World Radio, “Sanitation Solution Wins Innovation Prize”, Jason Margolis, June 3, 2011

Huffington Post, “HuffPost Greatest Person Of The Day: David Auerbach and Sanergy Want To Turn ‘Sh*t Into Gold’”, Lucas Kavner, May 31, 2011

Care2, “Echoing Green Finalist: Sanergy Seeks To Solve the World’s Sanitation Crisis“, Suzi Parrasch, May 28, 2011

ecofabulous, “Urban Sanitation Cleans Up Its Act”, Emily, May 27, 2011

Forbes, “Who Gives A Crap? Sanitation, Energy and Entrepreneurship in Kenya”, Elmira Bayrasli, May 23, 2011 “Sewerendipity”, May 16, 2011

MIT News, “Waste-conversion startup Sanergy bowls over competition”, Jennifer Chu, May 12, 2011

WBZ Radio, “MIT Students Win $100K For Innovative Toilet For 3rd World Countries”, Anthony Silva, May 12, 2011

BostInno, “Sanergy Wins MIT $100k Business Plan Competition to ‘Turn Shit Into Gold’”, Gregory Gomer, May 11, 2011

Xconomy, “Sanergy Takes 2011 MIT $100K Prize, Audience Choice Award For Its Toilet Sanitation Technology”, Erin Kutz, May 11, 2011

India-West, “U.C. Berkeley-Stanford Team Wins Social Venture Contest”, May 4, 2011

Boston Herald, “MIT Start-up Focuses on Sanitation Needs of Poor”, Donna Goodison, May 4, 2011

ABC News, “Questions for Ani Vallabhaneni and David Aurebach: 2011 Echoing Green Fellows for an innovative idea to bring an economically sustainable network of clean toilets that convert waste to electricity and fertilizer to Kenya’s slums”, Carrie Halperin and Mandana Mofidi, May 3, 2011

The Galloway School Alumni Magazine, spring 2011 issue

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