Ready to Deliver on the Fresh Life Brand Promise

Caroline Gertsch has developed and led our team’s implementation of the first Fresh Life Operator training. With that training finishing today, Caroline reflects on the themes from the past two weeks and the lessons that she and the whole group have learned.

Today, the first five Fresh Life Operators successfully completed their training program and signed the official franchise agreement. They are all now equipped with the knowledge and skills required to run a hygienic and profitable sanitation business. Just as importantly, as part of the Fresh Life Operator Network, they are equipped with strong support to operate that business sustainably for many years to come.

Moses leads the first cohort through training

Over the past two weeks, the operators took part in six training modules, all geared toward one common goal: developing the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver on the Fresh Life brand promise. This promise entails each Fresh Life Operator consistently offering every single customer a clean and hygienic sanitation experience. By doing so, the operators contribute toward improving life in Kwa Ruben, Kwa Njenga, and Lunga Lunga.

To keep this promise sustainably, though, a Fresh Life toilet must improve not only the health of the community, but also the income of the operator. Thus, Fresh Life training focuses equally on delivering a service as both a profitable business and as a high-quality social good.

During training, the group realized that we can only deliver the Fresh Life brand promise if we work together as a team – each Sanergy staff member as well as each Fresh Life Operator. That’s why it is vital to create a strong Fresh Life Operator Network, in which experiences are shared, issues are discussed, and solutions are found together.  The first class took a big leap forward in creating a common understanding of what it means to be a Fresh Life Operator and also in forming those bonds which will keep the network thriving! 

Congratulations to Caroline, Daniel, Esther, Josephine, and Lazarus!

The Fab Five!

We are very proud to welcome you officially to the Fresh Life Operators Network!

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