Sanergy: Popping Up All Over The World

Sanergy was invited to join three prestigious events over the last three weeks: SOCAP, the Rainer Arnhold Fellowship, and the Clinton Global Initiative. For us, the conferences represent opportunities to build our network to attract the very best partners to tackle this very big challenge.

SOCAP is focused on the intersection of money and meaning. Just about every impact investment fund in the US and perhaps the world was in attendance. Sanergy received two special honors – we were made SOCAP Scholars and presented at one of the plenaries (starts at 22:30). It was an unbelievable opportunity for us, and led to several investors exchanging business cards.

The Rainer Arnhold Fellowship, supported by the Mulago Foundation, is all about I-M-P-A-C-T. 15 social entrepreneurs come together for a week of mentoring, peer support, and reflection to think about 4 simple questions:

  • What’s our mission?
  • How do we define our impact?
  • How do we measure that impact?
  • How do we know it was us?

For Sanergy, as a young company with enormous potential and many different directions to go, it is important for us to make sure that we do not lose sight of the impact we wish to have: to reduce sanitation-related disease in urban slums. Our team has become strongly influenced by Kevin Starr’s writings and presentations, like this one given at Poptech last year.

2011 Rainer Arnhold Fellows

Finally, the Clinton Global Initiative is President Clinton’s effort to bring multiple stakeholders to the table to solve the world’s most pressing problems. CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, world-renowned thinkers, and foreign leaders all in New York City at once. The true, unforgettable highlight of CGI was watching Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Aung Sang Suu Kyi interact (it gets good at about 38:00 in on this link).

It’s easy for a minnow like Sanergy to get lost in the shuffle there, but we held our own – gaining the attention of supporters, uncovering new partnerships, and beginning to work with organizations like Roxanne Cason’s Informal Waste Sector Network.

It really was an incredible honor to receive the endorsements of the Clinton Foundation, the Mulago Foundation and SOCAP for all of the work that we do. Go team!


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