Sanergy Reaches Final of Echoing Green

Sanergy is honored and delighted to have made it to the final round of Echoing Green! From nearly 3000 applications, they selected 27 teams. Congratulations to all of our fellow applicants for your dedication to driving change. The Echoing Green Fellowship supports entrepreneurs who seek to accelerate social change. For us at Sanergy, that change is to make hygienic sanitation accessible and affordable all around the world. We know that’s an enormous challenge that we cannot possibly do alone. The EG Fellowship provides networks, mentorship and start-up financial support – all things which entrepreneurs need in droves!

On most days, we deal with very small details at Sanergy – How far apart should Sanergy toilets be from one another? How do we get more people to use the toilets during off-peak hours? But, on a day like today, we are allowed to think big just for a moment and feel unbridled excitement about the future ahead!

Next steps: in early May, we head to New York for a weekend of meeting inspiring other entrepreneurs and being grilled by interviewers. The final list can be seen here.

Also, here’s the brand-new video of what we do! Amazing work by teammates Ella and Nathan!

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